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i am now lil tracy's #1 hater

now i may get some hate for this, and i don't care i will simply block you, but i believe the allegations that lil tracy has against him. i found out about these the other night when he was being accused of not paying his one of his producers. these two sorted things out, and the producer ended up tweeting "also @tracyminajjjj_ aint a rapist or pedophile or w.e either i know that for a fact so lets settle that there too. stop spreading that rumor shit is fake news dumb asses and really affects his life all yall ripping him bc i said some shit that i jus found out ISNT true w/ proof." this tweet has since been deleted, however, so i quoted one of the producer's other tweets about tracy with a screenshot of the deleted tweet and said deleting that tweet is crazy. i guess tracy likes to look at the quotes because next thing i know, bitch boy is in my mentions saying he told the producer to delete the tweet. i told tracy to get out of my mentions because he's a weirdo. he then responded with an unfunny image, to which i replied "wow ur hilarious" and he proceeded to tell me to "shut up bitch." i then pointed out that i never tagged him and his gross ass ccame into my mentions. he then decided to tell my my face looks like i have scabies and then blocked me. this entire interaction was hilarious to me as the man was clearly very angry i do not find him funny. poor little loser tracy

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