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I'm moving to

Myspacef46n has a tiny community with actual normal people, so after a while you know basically everyone, and you get fairly well known as well. Plus, you can have background music built in (plus flash support!!) which is awsome.

There's still some cool people on Spacehey like frogteeth64, Yun and the awsome An, but most of the site's emos or furries and I don't want to be associated with those guys. (No hate towards those guys, just stay away from me please)

Thanks for the memories.

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✘Scream Queen✘

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Hate to break it to you, but MySpace's origins and popularity was w/ emos

I don't understand why you want to be on websites that are heavily associated w/ and used by emos (and has been since the late 2000s and early 2010s) and insult them to say they're not 'normal' ppl

I just don't get the logic

I wish you luck on your journey tho

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respectfully, being 22 and unironically having the username "Scream Queen" isn't what i'd call normal
enjoy spacehey boomer land though

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Bro, who gives a shit if I like horror movies or not lol
Scream Queen is a horror movie term, I just like it. Genuinely could not care if you want to belittle me for it

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

The point of the internet is to have fun and not give a shit. If you gotta belittle me, a complete stranger, then you got some issues.

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

Your both abnormal

by Pyroclasticc; ; Report

thank you :)
also you'iere *

by Googleplex; ; Report

Your abnormal squared

by Pyroclasticc; ; Report

Your abnormal squared

by Pyroclasticc; ; Report