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Story Time #1: The Worst Teacher Ever


You ever have a teacher that affected you so greatly that the memories still stick with you to this day? That was Mrs. Smith (fake name). Mrs. Smith worked at my elementary school for decades. She was there even when my sister went there, and she's nine years old than me. Now with more life experience, she reminds me of a female Donald Trump, honestly. I first had her class when I was in second grade.

The class was a mixture of second and third graders, and we had two teachers: Mrs. Smith, and her best friend who had also been working there for decades, Mrs. W. Neither of them were particularly nice, but Mrs. Smith was a lot worse. She was always angry, and she would scream at us. There was a little boy in my class who was already a sensitive kid, so she would pick on him more than anyone else. She made him cry at least once a day. Every. Single. Day.

When he cried, she would ridicule him for crying. I remember her even yelling at him one time to "grow up". We were only seven. One day he threw up and she made other kids clean up his vomit. I was a pretty chatty kid, so she would scream at me every day for talking. No one ever got praised for anything, unless you were one of the genius kids. I mean this in the least arrogant way possible, but I was one of the kids that they referred to as gifted. So, when I say "genius kids", I'm talking about top of class, not even just the advanced kids, because she treated us horribly too. She only liked the perfect top of the class kids and the older kids. I don't recall her screaming at the third graders like she did to us.

She was sweet and normal in front of our parents, but without them there, she would scream at us and insult us. One time she tore up my coloring and made me start over, all because I didn't get every single tiny bit of white space covered. After constantly being berated for talking, I shut down and would very rarely speak up at all. Because of that, I grew up the weird, shy kid that sat in the back of the class.

I always had to hear people ask my why I'm sad or why I'm angry, when I was perfectly fine, I'm just quiet and have a rbf. One day in class, she made fun of my laugh and smile in front of everyone. She stopped teaching to turn around, standing up at the front of the classroom, in front of us all, and calling my laugh ugly and my smile goofy. I was already being bullied by the other kids, but then I had to deal with her too.

Still to this day, I hate my laugh and cover my mouth so people can't see my smile when I do. It's not even intentional, it's become a reflex. I can hear her voice making fun of me in my head. I am now 20 years old and still have insecurities solely caused by this woman.

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