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what a year to be a teenage girl X(

i’m here to report that everything ever sucks super hard, and that it may get better someday but damn is it still difficult now :)

i hope this winter recovers me from my losses this fall, things are really rough right now and it’s getting hard to want to stay here :/ maybe it will get better! i so very hope i make new friends, maybe ill get my dumb winter romance lol, repair damaged relationships, regain my appetite and balance, shake off all the anger and stop feeling so numb, gain back all the weight i’ve lost, get my energy and motivation back, feel a sense of purpose and want to be alive, and most of all i want to be important again :) 

i’m so lonely lately in my own body and i just want this to be temporary:\

my goal is to genuinely live again soon :), wish me luck please :D <3

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