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hello good evening !!

this is just gonna end up as like, my weekly thought dump so u can ignore this if u want, i just like getting things out.

ngl feel like i should start making like animatics or little shorts since i can't properly animate. itd b a good start yk ??? because like !! god freaking damnit i have so many ideas ! sitting in my room thinking up blues bros animatics in my head to my playlists.

NO BC I NEVER SEE ANYTHING SILLY IN BLUES BROTHERS FANDOM !!!!!!!!! its usually middle aged men who either worship the first movie or hate on the second movie mercilessly. i think blues bros 2k was pretty cool, if u look deep enough it's got sort of this message of finding peace in other people, learning to rely on someone and acknowledging that someone's gone but you don't have to forget them - hence elwood still getting the band back together. that's just how i've always seen it yk ... tell me if u wanna read my theories !!

hmmmm i think that's my topic tbh. some fandoms kinda need the cringe era of like animatics, shitty memes and awful fics because it's silly as ! i hardly see any blues bros skins on ponytown unless they're tfg <33


i gotta make a blues bros animatic catch me downloading flipaclip again /hj

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