Random things to do when bored that i would reccomend

i did not put a TW for everything, if anything triggers you neither i or the author will be held accountable. 

!Game!: We Become What We Behold (TW: murder, kinda blood, agression, screams, flash), Genshin impact, Catbird, Cats are liquid (there are 2 so you gotta figure out wich is first!!), Bitlife, My singing Monsters, Plants vs. Zombies, Pokemon Go, Pony Town.

!Webtoons!: Castle Swimmer, The Secrets Of The Willson Family, Lore Olympus, High Class Homos, Daybreak, Ingrid the Plague Doctor, Survival Diary, Little lady Mint, Winter Before Spring, Mom, im sorry , CRUSH3D!!, The Guy Upstairs (TW: same as We Become what we behold.), Get Schooled (TW: same as We Become What We Behold), Loving Reaper, Down To Earth, Sinner, Night Owls and Summer Skies, Annie Green hates girls, Homesick, Vampire Husband, Goth girl and jock, Bailin and Li Yun, Wished you were dead, My giant nerd boyfriend, Adventures of god, Heartstopper.

Movies: Jumanji (all), Lotr (all), The hobbit (all), Ghostbusters, Jurassic park/world (all), Pirates Of the Carribean (all), The school of good and evil.

books: Lotr, The hobbit, The silmarillion, Ace Of Spades, They both die at the end, Anne of green gables series, Girl in Pieces, A prairie as wide as the sea, Winter of Peril, To stand on My Own.

Downloads: Shimeji, Custom cursor.

Spotify/music: My main playlist is named:- This playlist describes me - with the description - not being able to choose a personality/aesthetic - and my spotify name is Berylla with a simpsons pfp. (if you see this go follow me on spotify and download my playlists!!! :DD please) 

Other: Clean out your room, do your homework (for once), walk your dog, take care/cuddle with your pets, take pictures with your sibling/friends/family with a snapchat filter, Bake/cook something (ill post recipes on here later), go touch some grass, go shopping for gifts, try something new, go to your favorite childhood spot and feel the nostalgia.

wow thanks for reading!! :D if you enjoyed be sure to send a friend request!!

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