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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

〘 11.30.2022 〙

Subject: Had a dream where fireworks turned into glitter after being fired up.

I had this strange dream where I was in the backyard of my house just looking after my plants. It was around 2PM but strangely people started throwing fireworks (I'm assuming it was the neighbors who live behind), I could see fireworks clearly. I actually stepped back because I was scared that could get to me at any moment.

But suddenly, after the firework was fired up, it would turn into some sort of glitter and I clearly remember the way it would slowly and softly fall in my arms. It was a gold-like color. I thought this was pretty surprising and so I wanted to stay around.

But, I felt a creepy vibe kicking in, like something scary was going to happen. I remember feeling dissociated and then feeling myself being a little ghost seeing myself from another perspective.

And, I just woke up.

This dream was from like 3 days ago but I still have it in mind.

〘 11/30/2022  ⋆  16:03 〙

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