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lol on thanksgiving break so i'm doing surveys...

omg my blog is so empty. this is so sad. anyway...
hot or not quiz from 2009 i stole off the forums. H is hot. N is not hot. minimal explanation where i feel it's necessary. leggo

1. Paris Hilton: H

2. Vin Diesel: N tbh

3. Tight Jeans on boys: H!!

4. Smoking: H (it's the aesthetic don't judge me)

5. Drinking: N

6. Big butts: H

7. Skateboarders: H

8. Surfers: N

9. Corvettes: N

10. Weddings: N

11. Mini skirts: H

12. Ripped Jeans: N (unless they've got fishnets or smth under)

13. Rhinestones on clothing: H 

14. Pierced Nose: H

15. Tattoos: H

16. Pierced Lip: H

17. Pierced cheeks: N

18. Facial tattoos: N

19. Temporary Tattoos: N (i'm neutral to them idc)

20. Criss Angel: H. HOT. YES

21. Jonas Brothers: N

22. Justin Timberlake: N

23. Jessica Biel: N

24. One night stands: N

25. Dressing a dog: H (in halloween costumes only)

26. Shoes for dogs: N

27. Thongs: H

28. Leggings: N but they're hella comfy

29. Jean jackets: H

30. Online flirting: HOT. love it sm

31. Public displays of affection: H

32. pink clothing on guys: N (i'm neutral to it)

33. Long hair on guys: H

34. Mustaches: N

35. High school sweethearts: H

36. Prom queen: H

37. School dances: N

38. Detention: N (depends why)

39. Guys who cuss a lot: N

40. Girls who spit: N

41. Scars: H

42. You: hot obv

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B-but Vin Diesel in the 90s :(

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ugh i know!! a bit sad, i know objectively that he's attractive- he's just not quite my type in any of his iterations :((

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