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hmmm little life update+ complaininggggg

hiiiiiii my life kinda suckz lately and nobody really gets it so ive decided to put it out there where nobody will read it!

well to keep a neutral mood i’ll start off with a liiiiittle update :) ive juuuuuust turned 14, and im kinda obsessed w scott pilgrim again bc it’s the best comic series/movie ever, i will be dyeing my hair and getting snakebites very soon ;P, im single againnnn which is kinda boring bc i can’t find myself interested in anyone romantically right now but i want someoneeee 2 hug X’(, and i’m trying to start going to school more often since i think having purpose in life will make me feel better than i have felt for the past couple of months :)

but now 4 all my dumb little complaints :/ 

first offfff i don’t think my mom and i will ever get along :( we argue too much and she’s always telling me she’s disappointed in me

second off i’m kinda worried that my now ex boyfriend hates meee which you may be confused as to why that concerns me but ig i want to keep him as a friend because he’s fun to be around :) we fit well as friends and i think our recent dispute has thrown dirt on that fact and i think he might be under the impression i’ve done something i have not done but i can’t really clear it up now since we aren’t talking :( i’m going to continue to give him space though because i don’t know what he’s feeling :<

i want money!!! i hate being poor very much. i want a lovely electric guitar to learn to play all my favorite songs :) maybe someday i’ll get it!!! 

i think these complaints are too much time to get positive!!!! XD

i must recommend that you listen to the brie larson cover of black sheep by metric, it’s a wonderful cover and since it’s in my favorite movie it makes me very happy :) 

also if you haven’t had a gummy worm recently i think you should. they’re lovely. 

anywaysssss that’s enough 4 today byeeeee luv u :>

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