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★☆ byi + dni !!!

★☆ DNI !! 

-12 17+, dsmp/mcytwt (there is some acceptions, but if you like the big main dsmp people then pls kindly dni !!), basic dni critera, anti neopronouns/xenogenders, homophobic, you dislike a lot of the stuff i like (there is no point in friending me since i'll talk about it a lot) ★☆

★☆ BYI !! 

i don't talk that often, (when i do talk i literally don't shut up) i normally only talk to irl friends or close online friends, pls use tonetags when talking to me, i am most active on discord. i curse a lot.  i use emojis like :D X)) :c d: etc ★☆

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i dont see murderers, is it possible that you condone murder?? that you would talk to someone who kills people makes me believe you might kill people yourself

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WHO ARE YOU also, pretty sure murders should be common sense !,?!

by noelle !!!!; ; Report

obviously its not, so me and everyone else is just assuming you kill people

by GRIFFEN; ; Report


by noelle !!!!; ; Report

do you kill people? shame on you

by GRIFFEN; ; Report