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My Identity and Sexuality

I don't really think too much into the whole identity thing, so this is going to be all over the place, but I saw the Genderbread Person siteΒ and I wanted to use it as an opportunity to talk about the way I see myself. I decided to fill in the graphic:

Anatomical Sex

That's my body. I have the body of a man and was assigned male at birth. Simple as that.

Gender Identity

That's how I perceive myself. I consider myself a man. I don't feel at all disconnected from my body. My pronouns are he/him.

That said, I've never really felt like I fully "relate" to other men, at least not traditional men. And on top of that, I feel that growing up bullied a lot by other guys disconnected me even further from them. I know that's more on the psychological side of things rather than biological, but it definitely weighs in in how I identify myself.

Gender Expression

This is how I express myself outwardly. I mostly fit the idea of masculine expression the way society perceives it. I wear male clothes, have masculine traits, masculine voice, etc. That said, I'm not at all shackled to it. I wouldn't be opposed to things like eyeliner, doing nails, etc, which can be considered fem things depending on how conservative you are.

My hobbies and interests mostly fall into the neutral category (the way society as a whole categorizes them at least).

SexuallyΒ  Attracted to...

I'm sexually attracted to men with masculine traits. I have felt some level of sexual attraction to women, but not enough to even consider myself bisexual. The male face, body, etc are what interest me sexually.

Romantically Attracted to...

This one's a bit complicated. I've never really been in love with anyone, which means I may be in the aromanticΒ spectrum. I have felt some weird sort of "sexual infatuation", which can make me act romantically, but that's not at all the same as feeling romantic attraction. I just like to express myself romantic-like when I'm sexually attracted to the person.

Talking about aromanticism is complicated because people assume you're afraid of being hurt again or whatever, but I've never even been in a relationship or felt like being in one in the first place.

Maybe I'm not aromantic and will fall in love one day, but until that happens, I'll identify as such because it feels right to me.

So yeah, I guess the tl;dr is that I'm a gay man who doesn't give a shit about fitting into a mould, cause fuck that.

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