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Survey One

name:: Josie
nickname:: Jos, J, Emmie, E 
how old are you:: 25
zodiac sign:: Libra Sun, Leo Rising, Capricorn Moon
current location:: AZ
eye color:: Brown
hair color:: Naturally dark brown but right now it's purple 
hair type:: mid-length 
height:: 5'3
your heritage:: Hispanic, Native and Scandinavian

what's your middle name:: Emilia
shoe's you wore today:: Sandals 
your weakness:: coffee and forehead kisses
your fear:: the ocean 
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: yes! 
do you want to:: never again. 
goal you would like to achieve this year:: I want to do the things I love. 
first thought when you wake up:: "Oh wow, I don't feel well." 
best physical feature:: Maybe my eyes?
who is your bestest friend:: my boyfriend and my friend Kristen
when is your bedtime:: I hardly sleep lol
your most cherished memory:: watching stars with my grandfather 
pepsi or coke:: agh I love them both 
mc dondalds or burgerking:: mcdonalds
single or group dates:: single dates
what is the last song you sang:: inspire the liars by DGD 
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: I love musicians. lol
what is your biggest pet peeve:: being touched/poked when I don't want to be touched and when people don't close their mouths when they chew 
do you drink:: yes
ever been drunk:: yup lol 
do you smoke:: no, not anymore
do you "SMOKE":: no, not anymore
do you sing:: not as much as i used to
what color underwear do you have on:: pink
do you want to go to college:: I'd like to go back to get my masters eventually. 
have you ever been in love:: yes, currently <3 
do you want to get married:: eventually
do you believe in yourself:: absolutely 
do you believe in others:: yes
do you like thunderstorms:: not really lol 
do you play an instrument:: piano 
what do you want to be when you grow up:: happy 
what country would you like to visit:: japan
how many CD's do you own:: I've lost them all :( I think only a few now
how many DVD's do you own:: too many
how many tattoo's do you have:: 15... I need to count them out 
how many piercings do yo have:: 6
how many things in the past do you regret:: nothing. 


shoes:: vans or doc martens 
radio station:: 99.5 KUPD 
drink:: coffee
car:: my Rav4 lol
place:: in my boyfriend's arms 
song:: don't have one. 
movie:: Pan's Labyrinth 
moment:: sharing an intimate non-sexual moment with my boyfriend at his cabin 
color:: pink
meal:: currently, curry. lol


favorite eye color:: don't have one 
favorite hair color:: don't have one 
short or long hair:: no preference 
height:: tall
body type:: no preference 
does ethnicity matter:: no preference 
piercings:: yes
tattoos:: essential


do you think you are attractive:: eh 
are you attracted to someone who does not know it:: no, my boyfriend definitely knows it. 
would you like to be someones fantasy:: maybe? 
hunter or hunted:: hunted
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: closed - sometimes open for a few seconds 
a little or a lot of tongue:: lots of tongue, always 
older or younger:: older
lights on/lights off or candle light:: soft light 
do you like to cuddle after:: yes it's a necessity 
do you like to cuddle in general:: I used to hate cuddling but now I do :) 


what is todays date:: 1/9/21
what time is it:: 12:32 a.m.
who are you thinking of:: my boyfriend 
what are you listening to:: Hospital Bracelet
do you love someone:: yes with all my heart 
do you know where your mechanical bull is:: do I own one now? 
does someone love you:: yes!
is it raining:: no :( 
how many spacehey friends do you have:: 99~
are you happy:: yes!

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