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Name: dami or michelle

Nickname: dam dam or mickey

How old are you: 13

Zodiac sign: taurus 

Current location: walking to my tutoring class

Eye colour: DARK brown 

Hair colour: black

Hair type: 4c basically REALLY curly

Height: 166cm

Your heritage: nigerian born in britain tho

What’s your middle name: damilola

Shoes you wore today: doc martens for school

Your weakness: SUPER and i mean SUPER dumb people [i struggle with patience], ppl who dont understand my feelings 

Your fear: the dark, never reaching my goals

Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: no

Do you want to: possibly?

Goal you would like to achieve this year: make online friends and actually prepare for gcse

First thought when you wake up: i dont one thought its like my brain decides to think of everything 

Best physical features: my eyes/lips

Who is your bestest friend: i dont really have one but i have good friends but nit close or anything 

When is your bedtime: 9pm to 10pm

Your most cherished memory: running around in primary school in my blue and white checkered summer dress

Pepsi or coke: neither 

McDonalds or burgerking: McDonald's 

Single or group dates: single 

What is the last song you sang: pride by kendrick lamar

Does playing the guitar make a person more attractive: yes especially the electric guitar 

What is your biggest pet peeve: peopel asking if im okay when im angry or crying

Do you drink: nope inly couple sips lmao

Ever been drunk: nope

Do you smoke: nope

Do you ‘smoke’: no

Do you sing: i cant sing

Do you want to go to college: yea

Have you ever been in love: nope

Do you want to get married: maybe but im content without it

Do you believe in yourself: depends 

Do you believe in others: yes 100%

Do you like thunderstorms: yea i like noise 

Do you play an instrument: nope i wish

What do you wanna be when you grow up: bio medical scientist, something to do with cancer research 

What country would you like to go to: every single one

How many cds do you own: none

How many dvds do you own: none

How many piercings do you have: one on wach ear i want more tho

How many things in the past do you regret: nearly everything 


Shoes: doc martens 

Radio station: i dont listen to the radio

Drink: luvozade original

Car: i dont really car about cars

Place: on a rooftop especially at night/sunset

Song: tattered and torn by slipknot

Movie: spiderman into the spiderverse

Moment: idk

Colour: green, black and red

Meal: ikea meatballs with the pasta

In a partner

Favourite eye colour: any

Favourite hair colour: idc 

Short or long hair: i like long hair guys ngl

Height: idm

Body type: any

Does ethnicity matter: nope

Piercings: yea their nice but yk they choice

Tattoos: i dont like has tattoos at my age but yk

Bed side manor

Do you think you are attractive:noooo

Are you attracted to someone who does not know it:Ino

Would you like to be someone’s fantasy: idk

Hunter or hunted: ...

Do you kiss with your eyes closed: ive never kissed anyone 😭

A little or a lot of tongue: ^^

Older or younger: idc 

Light on/lights off or candlelight: I LOVE CANDLES

Do you like to cuddle after: ...

Do you like to cuddle in general: YEA

Right now

What is todays date: tuesday 18th october 2022

What time is it: 15:46 or 3:46pm

Who are you thinking of: no one

What are you listening to: n side by steve lacy

Do you love someone: no 

Do you know where your mechanical bull is: WTF IS THAT

Does someone love you: yea i think 

Is it raining: nope :(

How many spacehey friends do you have: 96ish

Are you happy: not really

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