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soooo i went there with some of my relatives because tbh i would not be able to go there by myself 😭. it was super awesome tho!!!! i took photos with so many peopl and i met so many new friends!! i also really like my cosplay i think its rlly cool looking :3c. the music there was rlly funky and cool, but it was SOOO loud ToT. even though the cosplay con stereotype is weird otakus and just people smelling bad, everyone there was super kind and respectful and they didnt even smell that bad lmao. i had a great time!! some embarrassing things did happen there tho, that wasnt very fun :’D. i rlly wish there was more miku merch, specifically sakura miku bc sakura miku is so cute hehe, bc the only miku merch i could find was either weird bootleg miku, or it costed like 100 dollars which i CANNOT afford. i saw a lot of genshin impact merch, but i didnt buy any. im not sur why tbh, some genshin figurines would look cute! i bought one sakura miku keychain bc that was the only non weird bootleg / super expensive miku merch i could find. my aunt rlly wanted me to take pictures with all the miku cosplayers and I RLLY RLLY WISH I DID but i was too shy to ask for a photo with them bc they looked so cool DSHJSDHFJDGJHFD. something that i also regret was NOT TAKING PICTURES WITH THE KEMONO FURRIES I SAW. im not a furry personally haha but i do think that theyre pretty cool! they were so kind and their fursuits were so cute but i just WISH i took a picture with them T_T. there were also people in DINOSAUR COSTUMES and they looked SO SILLY SJSHFUKDSGFJHS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. also hu tao cosplayer that lost ur tassle in starbucks if ur seeing this i am so sorry.

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