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about me !! ☀︎

Hi hello I'm Lennox !! Probably the most awkward person you will ever meet if idk you 😍😍. Anyways!!! I'm 16, a taurus and an intp and I'm from the netherlands :)

Currently I identify as unlabeled, I literally don't know what I am 😰😰 I'm into men, and like 2 women 😭

any pronouns but I prefer it if you just use my name :)

I have a cat! He's the bestest cat ever tbh!

My discord is tides#3951 if you want to add me on there 😇😇

I kind many people if you want to know exactly who I kin just ask me!!

I really like documentaries about serial killers which is a bit concerning but idk I just find it interesting I guess!! 

ALSO did anyone see the new dhmis it was so good honestly 10/10 would watch again!!!

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