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rating things people have said/asked me as a racially ambiguous person:

Number 1: "What are you?" you can never go wrong with this one it will annoy the shit out of me every single time because what does that mean?🥰/gen I love this one because it's more free range for me I like to play fun little games all I have to say is 'guess' and then they get immediately uncomfortable. 10/10 for pissing me off but a 0/10 for originality.

Number 2: "Which one is white your mom or your dad?" This one it just hits the sweet spot because it's so personal. Really drives it deep and really out of pocket especially if I just met you and it's one of the first questions you ask me you get extra points because you obviously don't care about who I am as a person and only care about my race so this one gets a 1000/10 for pissing me off and a 10/10 for offensiveness./hj

Number 3: "WOW, REALLY?? I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!! YOU DON'T LOOK IT AT ALL" as soon as I tell people what my race is this is their reaction every single time/gen This is definitely 2743783984369/10 for pissing me off/gen because wow!! I don't look it?? Wow!! That's crazy!! I didn't know that!!😍/s 0/10 for originality

Number 4: "Oh I thought you were white lol." -7282628761249821/10 just leaving this here

notice: I know this is very tame and it's really not that bad or that serious. It could be way worse. This is just me having a little fun and spreading awareness as to what you probably should or should not say to people whose race isn't easily identifiable by first glance. Thanks for reading!!

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