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dni list because everyone else has one

do not interact if you're:

- racist (including microaggressions)/srs

- queerphobic, (transphobic, homophobic, lesbophobic, etc.)/srs

- an alpha male bro or one of the boys (incels)/srs

- a trump supporter/srs

- u like and actively support the boyfriends webtoon and its creator/srs

- ableist (including if u say the r-word)/srs

- a toxic dream smp stan (toxic stans in general such as bts, nicki minaj, arianators, etc.)/srs

- over the age of 19 (u can follow me but if u message me and ur over 19 its unlikely i will respond)/srs

- if ur a leo/hj

- if u sexualize minors/srs

- toxic lana del ray whisper girlies (+female manipulators)/srs

- unironically say girlboss/srs

- furry-haters (not a furry but they did nothing to u stop bullying people)/srs

- if ur like dreamsexual or something/srs

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