had a dream me and my family were on a trip and we were at a hotel late at night when my sister's dad and I got hungry. We decided to go downstairs because maybe there's a vending machine or something. We got into an elevator and I started fucking around with all the buttons and he was all like stop it!! dont touch that!! But it like glitched out and we ended up on a super weird looking floor. It was a shop. We were like ? it didn't say what floor we were on but we just went inside and started browsing. There was also a flurry of customers with shopping carts just minding their business. As we were walking around I started to realize that everything on this floor was something that used to belong to me, currently belonged to me, or things that I lost or didn't exist anymore. Various plushies, a toy pen that idk what happened to, and even my dead fish?? I looked at everyones carts and I was like hey!! my stuff?? and I woke up??😭😭 wtf

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