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this guy called dylan...

i was talking to this dude named dylan earlier. he's 18 and i usually dont IM that age but i figured id give it a chance. he was rlly nice at first and just seemed like a lonely dude looking for a friend and i was nice to him. he often got depressed and i would say nice things to make him feel better about himself and he was nice enough to me and very encouraging. even when all that stuff with danny vanity was going down he was super nice and supportive (which is ironic considering what happened later) and i didnt feel uncomfy at all until he started wanting to rp.

i figured this would be ok, as long as we kept it sfw, and it generally was, until he started calling me ma'am, saying he wanted to me to bully him, asking me to pick him up, etc. he also unnecessarily feminized me like i told him my name was vic and he asked me if he could call me victoria?? 

he also commented a lot on my relationship and said how lucky my bf was and how lucky i was and things like that, and he'd tell me he rlly cared abt me and all that. 

eventually i just told him straight up that i was extremely uncomfortable and i wanted to stop. he said he was gonna delete his account bc he didnt want me to think he was weird and i was like no you dont have to do that i just wanna stop rping bc im not comfortable with that rn. he said ok, but then i talked to a friend of mine who's much younger than him who said that he was saying inappropriate things to them as well. i confronted him about this and told him that as an adult it was disgusting to say those things to a minor, not to mention he didnt want me assuming he was a weirdo for talking to freshman and middle schoolers, but then he turns around and does shit like that. 

anyway he called me a n*gger, told me to kms and deleted his account :3

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ꪖꪊꪀᧁ꠸ ꠸ꪑρ᥅ꪮ᥇ꪊᦓ

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What the whisker!?

That's messed up!

He was just using people, and they were minors!

That's not okay!

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Ew, he sounds really creepy! Glad you listened to your gut and that he deleted his acc!

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he one time begged for my socials and i gave him one i could actually use and he said "no, that's not my thing" and i made a bulletin about it and he said "stfu ellie, fake ass friend" like btc wtf

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he was really weird.

by 𖤐elliezwrld𖤐; ; Report