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do you believe in loving the art, not the artist?

ive seen a lot of debate over this, and i just wonder what you all think about it. personally i think it's valid sometimes, but others it's just straight up disrespectful. for example, an artist that i used to like but is rlly controversial was melanie martinez. we all know the allegations against her. and i used to feel really guilty about listening to some of her music after it all. i dont listen to her much anymore but some of her songs can be found in a playlist or two of mine. do you all think this is wrong?? should you quit an artist altogether, or still support their art??? 

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As long as the art isn't inherently harmful or toxic, and it isn't directly supporting the artist.

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i think if you listen/watch/etc their stuff like in reuploads or something it’s okay, also of course if the piece of media or whatever itself isn’t the problem..like if a show has a lot nsfw stuff with kids, or racism or that kinda stuff, it’s bad..ALSO if the creator has apologised and stuff or just doesn’t do that stuff anymore.. bcus i feel like..a lot of stuff traces back to racist or like creepy bad people. especially with older stuff :/ tldr i think if you just reuplosd or pirate a bad persons stuff it’s ok :P

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I think it depends on what the art is. Many people should be able to be critical of media and be aware of its downfalls but still enjoy it. However, when the media itself is furthering a horrible thing, such as abuse, exploitation, or being used to hurt/discriminate against people, then it would be fair to say “why would you like this in the first place?”

I guess an example would be Dr. Seuss. He did many awful things when he was alive, even that is an understatement. But his children’s books don’t reflect any of that and have encouraged young kids to continue reading.

Being critical of media and enjoying it can coexist and not negate one-another.

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