My bestie

Someone that I have become really close friends with is my bestie El. They use All pronouns and they are literally so kind I can't even. 

They are in a bunch of my classes, in some of my clubs, and eat lunch with me in the "safe zone", so of course, I hang out with them a bunch. They play lacrosse, and they seem like the person that would beat me at chess. I don't know why, but I just feel like they would surprise me with that. 

They are so kind! Lemme tell you why. So if you are friends with ren on spacehey ([internaly dyin]) you know that I got hit in the face with a water bottle, and they wrote a whole blog on who it was their fault (which it wasn't and they had nothing to do with it) but they felt so bad and NOW I feel bad that I made them think it was their fault. 

they are also really funny and silly goofy, and supportive. There was this one girl who kept calling me "she" after El told them I use he/they pronouns over and over. Then they got into a mini fight with the teacher that she was being really rude and I cant even they are so kind EEE

Thank you for reading, my hands hurt so ima stop typing.

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Thanks ♡♡♡♡

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