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about me !! <3 (pls read before following)

hi !! my name is val, dizzy, or ace :D 

im 15 <33 please don't interact if you are under 13 or over 18. some exceptions may apply ! 

im black <333

im a transmasculine, and i use any pronouns. 

i also use neopronouns (the list is at the bottom of this blog). 

 im bisexual and ambiamorous :D 

K, arlo, floof and josh have my heart <33 im open to more partners btw !! 

i am a caregiver for ageres and petres !! i'm not currently caring for anyone, so if you're in need, totally let me know ^^

you can IM me for my discord, tumblr twt (but be warned that my tumblr and twt is primarily for posting and browsing nsfw).

i do roleplays, sfw and nsfw but pls be respectful of my time, boundaries, and space. also don't be dry !!!! no one likes a dry rp partner.

i love music, writing, poetry, horror, true crime, and books so please talk to me abt those things if you do too :D

i speak spanish, french, japanese, and korean as well as english !! (fluency ranges <3)

i also have sort of a flirtacious personality (with ppl i like, platonically or unplatonically) so if you don't like that lmk. i'm rlly shy however too, and i tend to lose interest quickly if im not well engaged in a conversation, so pls be patient with me ^^

also, i do post nsfw occasionally, so if that's an issue, please don't follow m3 ! 

uhh that's it ig !! 

:D <3














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Daeniiy <3

Daeniiy <3's profile picture

wait you speak japanese,korean,spanish AND english all at once :O

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in varying fluency yes i can ^^

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

☆ toypaj-182

☆ toypaj-182's profile picture

vamp/vamps and gore/gores twinsies

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ꪖꪊꪀᧁ꠸ ꠸ꪑρ᥅ꪮ᥇ꪊᦓ

ꪖꪊꪀᧁ꠸ ꠸ꪑρ᥅ꪮ᥇ꪊᦓ's profile picture


See for me glitch is my gender-neutral, non cursey substitute for b*tch

So what this is probably supposed to mean

and what it means to me, are two very different things T~T

"i am a caregiver for ageres and petres"

What does that mean?/genq/cur

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1. glitch as in computer glitch

2. age regressors and pet regressors, people that turn to an animal or childlike state to cope with trauma

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

1. No i know what it means dw, but my brain at first saw it the way you would see b*tch/b*tchself

and i was like O.O

2. I know about that, but what's a caregiver?

by ꪖꪊꪀᧁ꠸ ꠸ꪑρ᥅ꪮ᥇ꪊᦓ; ; Report

someone who gives someone guidance and help during that time

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report


I wanna do that!

It seems like a nice thing to do!

by ꪖꪊꪀᧁ꠸ ꠸ꪑρ᥅ꪮ᥇ꪊᦓ; ; Report

yeah it's rlly cool ^^

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report


ELI's profile picture

haii we are both in debate thats so cool!

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Leaf's profile picture

Just read this in more detail.
You're a cg? And you're not caring for anyone right now?

Would you like to be a cg for one of my alters? He doesn't have one yet...

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yes i am ! and i'd love to meet him as soon as i can :)

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

His name is Emerson hehe
His info is here: https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=404144

(And reference image is somewhere- ^Lucifer^)

by Leaf; ; Report

awesome !! ^^ thanks so much !!

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

One of us, hopefully Lucifer, will let him know in headspace he might have a cg then ^-^

(If you want to meet him you can always make a private blog, link only, and give us the link. No one can access it then, and it's just like IMs. Which are blocked... ^Lucifer^)

by Leaf; ; Report

ok i may be able to do that if the link works :D i'll let you know when the blog is up ^^

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

Alright :D
Just give us the link in IMs, and one of us (either me or Luci) will switch out, cause he's out gatekeeper.
Plus he hasn't been out in a while.....

(A gatekeeper with an undefined age, who goes into littlespace for an undefined time, who needs a cg, cause the cgs in headspace are busy with everyone else- ^Lucifer^)

by Leaf; ; Report

hey check my blogs it should be there !! and dont worry it's only visible to you and i

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

We cannot see it, since you didn't give us the link-

by Leaf; ; Report

wellll the format im using to get on spacehey doesnt let me do links- but hold on let me try again

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

ok u should be able to see it now sorryyy

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report


by Leaf; ; Report

You can turn it to Link only now.
We've got it.

by Leaf; ; Report

alright awesome ^^

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

くコ:ミ Ian squid man

くコ:ミ Ian squid man's profile picture

we should rp sometime!!!

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thatd be cool ^^

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report


Ross 's profile picture

Your in debate? How is that? (I'm thinking about joining debate at my school)

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you have to give a lot of speeches and learn how to format, argue, take notes while a person is speaking, stuff like that. you gotta be rlly smart and be able to improvise sometimes and speak loudly but i think it's pretty fun.

by dizzyvall ★; ; Report

Ok. Thank you!

by Ross; ; Report