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I'm making a Gerard Way plush! :D

Well, a friend of mine gave me this idea of making a plush.. And I was like, really excited about it! x3
And now I already have the bases, I just need to buy some fabric. I think I'll ask for my grandma's help, since she's really good witch sewing and plushies!! :D

I don't know if there's a way to post pictures here, I'm kinda dumb.. But if there is, can anyone tell me how? 

That's it, when I start making the plushie I'll update you guys! B)

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⛧Max iz dead ⛧

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u can use imgbb 2 post picturez and then upload them like this

note: i made this yt video b4 spachey upd8ed so the WYSIWYG editior mode button is now the first button on the bar above where you tipe ur blog (it is labeled with the <> symbols)

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OMG thank you for explaining!! I really wanted to post pictures

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