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dni listt !! (pls read) <3

basic stuff 0_0

-bigots (homophobes, transphobes, ableists, racists, xenophobes) 

-dsmp and tommyinnit fans 

-heavily political people

-toxic/weird anime fans

-proshippers and anyone else who justifies abusive relationships

-lgbt fetishizers 


-anti- xenogender/neopronouns 

other things that are also important <33 

-south park stans that ship and sexualize the kids, y'all are weird 

-discord mods /hj 

-people who call themselves yanderes irl 

-lil darkie fans :((( 🖕

-boyfriends fans + bj alex fanss + painter of the night fans 

-white trans people that give themselves japanese names

-trad emos /hj (but some of yall be racist) 

jinx supporters/defenders 

lyn supporters/defenders

ppl that are friends with jules (fuck you jules)


please do not IM or follow me if you're over 18 or under 14, with some exceptions.

that's it, just please be respectful and kind !! if you fit any of these things it'll lead to an automatic unfriend/block

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✩drax!✩'s profile picture

proud to be none of these

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Me too

by Harald98; ; Report

Queen of the Floof

Queen of the Floof's profile picture

i um

i forgot who lyn is

i recognize the name

but I can't remember much about anything they may have said or talking to them much or anything

would u mind reminding me?

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she's a big creep and she cheated on her bf with lots of ppl, and she also faked a pregnancy and a miscarriage

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report




good to blepping know


by Queen of the Floof; ; Report


jules's profile picture

i was about to send you a request and got thrown off with the name thing-

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LMAOOO sorryyy another jules not you

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report

oh xd

by jules; ; Report

✩ sam ✩

✩ sam ✩'s profile picture

hi! i was wondering if youd like to talk or be friends, but i have 2 questions. whats a pro-lifer??
and 2, i like south park, but i dont really ship anyone. is that ok??

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1. someone who is anti-abortion
2. yes that's fine ^^

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report

oh ok ! thx

by ✩ sam ✩; ; Report


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Hi, I'm a lil darkie fan, and I was wondering why that's on the dni list?

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he's racist, he says slurs he cant reclaim and he doesnt hold accountability for anything

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report


Tristanlagreato's profile picture

what if you have a somewhat positive opinion on dsmp and used to look at what was going on on it a while ago but aren't really that much of a fan of it anymore? do you just mean like, the toxic stans?

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elliot 👍🏽

elliot 👍🏽's profile picture

why do u not like trad emos? /nm

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some of them (the ones ive met on here) are really racist and stand by problematic artists

(falling in reverse, blood on the dancefloor, panic! at the disco)

not against all trad emos tho :) some are genuinely cool

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report

oh okay :(( btw i listen to fir and panic but i definitely don’t agree with the artists and i don’t like them as people, but if you aren’t okay with that then i’m fine with u unfriending me :)

by elliot 👍🏽; ; Report

it's totally ok if you listen to their music bc you enjoy it, as long as you dont defend them im cool with it

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report

okay cool :))

by elliot 👍🏽; ; Report

Queen of the Floof

Queen of the Floof's profile picture

is boyfriends bad?

i didnt get very far

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Most just don'tike it because of the creator and the fact that the creator themselves need would be a Proshippers but most don't like it because its whole plot is off of the fact it's off of stereotypes

by Jules<3; ; Report


i just started reading it cus it seemed cute


why don't I know these things

by Queen of the Floof; ; Report


till's profile picture

proshipper means .... pro ship. like youre fine with people shipping things. not 'problematic shipper'. sorry thats my one complaint abt this lmao u still seem super cool tho and id love to be friends if this didnt annoy you too much ^^''

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Ah pro ship means like uhm.. A minor X an adult, like sunshine from Omori is a pro ship because I am a minor and Hero is 19... There are different meaning to "pro ship" and that was what they were referring too..../lh :)

by 𝄞Sunny....𝄞; ; Report

I'm into headcanon shipping minor characters with minors tho, is that okay?

by はなち; ; Report

Of course..!! As long as it's not toxic, that is perfectly fine... The reason pro shipping is bad is because pro-shippers fetish pedophilia.. [y'know- cause it's shipping an adult and a child together] but shipping two minors together is A-Okay...!

by 𝄞Sunny....𝄞; ; Report

Oooo that's great lol cuz I ship Kino(17) with Yui(16)

by はなち; ; Report

That's fine..! :)

by 𝄞Sunny....𝄞; ; Report


FL1NT!!'s profile picture

tf iz trad emo do you mean midwestern emo

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by FL1NT!!; ; Report

ahh no it's cool im sorry, that probs wasnt clear and idk my aesthetics by name very well... when i say trad emo i mean traditional emo like 2000s emo

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report


gardenof(eden)'s profile picture

pls whats trad emo/gen

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like scene people but less color

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report


𝟜𝕡𝕣𝕚𝟟's profile picture

Heavily political people basically removes most of the UK working class. We all are political because the country is falling apart for us. I'm sure the UK isn't the only country in a state like this rn.

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🖍️ em

  🖍️ em's profile picture

aa i like politics too much for my own good :'D

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princessofnewyork's profile picture

all the super relevant/critical topics and then genshin impact in the same list made me giggle lol. i agree

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wednesday.'s profile picture

owhh okkk bywww -genshin fan

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by vic/ace ♡; ; Report

owhh okkk

by wednesday.; ; Report


elliez_world<33's profile picture

what if you just like danganronpa as a show...?
and like south park as a show...?

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that's ok !! i dont have a problem with that, it's just some things and people in the fandom are problematic. i myself am a fan of south park soooo

by vic/ace ♡; ; Report

yeah the dangaronpa and south park fandoms are SO BAD. but i love the shows!!

by elliez_world<33; ; Report