music survey

I didn't make this idk who I stole it from, im sorry >_>

1. What song are you listening to rn?

Blink 182 - First Date

2. Most listened to song lately?

The Used - Choke Me 

My Chemical Romance - Skylines and Turnstiles (demo)

3. Favorite song?

My Chemical Romance - Save yourself, Ill hold them back

4. Do you like listening to music by yourself or with a friend(s)?

alone (we dont have the same taste -n-)

5. Are you self conscious about your music taste?


6. What are some artists you like?

My Chemical Romance 

The Used

Fall Out Boy

Nine Inch Nails

7. Who is your favorite artist?

My Chemical Romance

8. Do you have a specific lyric you love?

Oh, how wrong we were to think
That immortality meant never dying

9. Favorite genre?

rock/pop punk/industrial (I can't choose one D:)

10. How often do you listen to music?

Every day

11. Do you have any weirdly specific songs that make you feel upset?

Deathspells - Quaainterlude 

12. Do you consider your taste in music to be basic?


13. What is your favorite album ever?

Three cheers for sweet revenge

14. Do you have any artists who you want to start listening to?

Ptv and misfits

15. Favorite guilty pleasure artist and song?

Metro Station - Shake It

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