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Looking for friends?

Sometimes I daydream about finding a friend group that's just like me. sometimes I think about what we'd do together. I'd love to meet someone who would want to make kandi bracelets with me, play games such as minecraft, roblox, and ponytown with me, watch movies together, or even series such as invader zim or mlp, or call and talk about our days and ramble on about going to thrift stores where we'd find beanie babies, drawing together, things like that. Sometimes I think about what I'd do if I had real life friends too. I think about roaming around, creating "secret hideouts" where we'd pretend to make potions, find frogs, and hang out. It's been around three or four years since I've made a friend irl though so I don't know how it'd go. It feels so hard to find people who are just like you, people who don't find your interests weird, or people who don't get annoyed with your obsessions. There's times where I'd go to the store and find people who seem really neat! Usually they'll have dyed hair, band shirts, fandom merch, etc, or they'll be talking about things that I'm interested in too. Most of these people don't really enjoy interacting or aren't interested in making friends so all I can do is compliment them, and watch them walk away. I never see any of these people again. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm so desperate to make friends, I've been trying for years to meet someone, but they never stick. Maybe I should be less picky? I really want to enjoy the people I've met but for the most part, we have nothing in common. I just want to meet somebody like me.

EDIT: 11/14/2021 I really appreciate all of the comments!! but just for future reference, I'm 16 and I dont exactly want to be friends with those who are 21+ (i've gotten comments from ppl who are 26+ too and while i DO appreciate the offer, i uhhjjhjkkjh yeah)

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Meggie 's profile picture

Shoot me a request. I’m friendly. I hope this generates some activity. My thing is , it’s a SOCIAL MEDIA platform meaning you mingle you interact .

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💜Mia Taylor💜

💜Mia Taylor💜's profile picture

I'd love to be friends.

You sound like a super cool person. Your interests are awesome and would love to talk to you about my beanie boo collection or whatever you want :)

I'm 17 btw

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this isn't really advice, and reading this again kinda feels cringe tbh, so yeah sorry if I seem like some 9 year old.

tbh I used to have a friend that I had so much in common with, but 5 months ago I lost them due to something I'd rather not talk about. I want them back so much, and altho another friend of mine did DM them a few days ago saying "there's nothing to lose" and manage to get them to DM me, but I feel I said the wrong thing and also feel that it's already too late.

I want a friend who cared for me as much as they did. One who spoke like they did. One who has the same personality. As much as a look tho, it seems nobody wants to be with me anymore.

I want them back.

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Xx halfempty xX

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Woahhh!!!! People still play PonyTown!!! I thought I was the only one! We should talk sometime!

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HI MY DMS R OPENN!!!!!! I'm down to make friends wit lotz of ppl

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well heyy lol

by Jasmine; ; Report

Ellie ♡

Ellie ♡'s profile picture

Well, hello! Let’s be friends den.

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Xx_G0BL1N_B0Y_xX's profile picture

1 am S0 down to b friendz!!! instant message me!!! We can be buddies ^^

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same :((( in my town arent people who think like me or like the things i like

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Kai Kannibal

Kai Kannibal 's profile picture

omg i luv all of these things we can tots play minecraft, ponytown, roblox, and others game :) Im 14 turning 15 soon !

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Si deseas amigos así, creo que en tik tok puedes encontrar mucha gente con tus mismos gustos, dicen que el algoritmo eta roto o algo, pero en realidad depende del lado de la aplicación en que estas, claro omitiendo cosas sobre encontrarse con personas en la vida real, lol porque si da miedo

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Koriand'r's profile picture

Understand 100% I hope I could find friends I’m actually compatible with instead of people adding people just to add then

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J0vaniiR0T's profile picture

Wish I had this tbhhh

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xxjessicaxx's profile picture

omg this !! all of my bffs from hs moved away for school.. I'm 21 and work full time - idk where and how to make friends lol

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Hey i completely feel you im turning 20 in January work full time at amazon well for now and i have lost so many friends that were mostly fake and stabbing me in the back but hey it's ok because you can always find me new ones that care about you. You gotta find the right people that you can vibe with and have the same interest. Me i still 3 close friends and im thankful

by Simply Mae; ; Report


XxSyberKhaosxX's profile picture

Feel the same way honestly. I'm 16 btw

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nice profile, sent you a request, you seem cool ^^

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I feel the exact same way and literally have never had friends :3 ♥️

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I feel the same way, feel free to add me!! :D

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Black brat 🌈

Black brat 😘🌈's profile picture

Not even gonna lie i feel like if a met people to much like me it wouldn’t work like we would clash in a horrible situation

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I agree!! I think a friend groups needs people who are different, but get along well.

by emelin; ; Report

Jay Knight

Jay Knight's profile picture

That is so wholesome!

I wish I could find friends like me too.

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