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me and my bf (uhh slight nsfw i think ??) (updates frequently)

-the first time we held hands was on a roller coaster bc i was scared + the first time we kissed i was leaving his boy scout camp where i was visiting. it was just a peck but woaaahhdsjdkdsnajn

-he came over and we watched encanto and cuddled on my couch 

-i told him i had a headache and he put his hand on my forehead (like your mom does when you have a fever) and then kissed me there 

-we had a pillow fight which turned into a tickle fight, which turned into us just making out 

-when we went to the movies together we held hands the WHOLE 2 hours

-he gave me his sweatshirt 

-my first seggsual experience was with him and it was very nice and pleasant and he took really good care of me and always asked if i was ok and was respectful and sweet 

-once when we were cuddling, i noticed he was staring at me. and i was like uhh hey weirdo whatchu lookin at me for, and he told me i was just so pretty and kissed my cheek


-we got snacks and drinks from the grocery store and then sat in the park and just talked about life n stuff 

-he curled up around me once while we were at his house watching a movie and i was playing with his hair and tucking it behind his ear and messing it up (i am infatuated with his hair)

-he fell asleep once when i was laying on him and i asked him if he wanted me to leave if he was tired. he said no. i said are you sure, it's no problem and he kissed me

-he asked if i could pull his hair while we made out (ahjsadskhsajdhsjdha) 

-he gave me a piggy back ride and didnt even complain that i was heavy 

-when i came out to him as bi, he said he loved me no matter what and would always accept me 

-i took him to a football game once at my school and he held my hand and followed me around the whole time 

-he lets me take pictures of him and ask him a bunch of questions and just generally be annoying 

-i accidentally gave him a hickey and we both panicked lmao 

-he lays in my lap whenever we cuddle 

-when we first met we bonded over mutual hate of someone <33 

-he opened up to me about his life, and his childhood and stuff which meant a lot to me 

-i showed him all my favorite music and made him a playlist 

-he thinks im so smart even though i dont think i am 

-i think he's so smart even though he doesnt think he is 

-his family likes me (including his dogs) 

-he ordered my food for me once when i asked him 

-once we were at his house and we'd been making out and stuff and we both stopped at one point and went to drink our sprites which looked identical to one another, and we were like racking our brains trying to figure out which one was whose and we went to his mom and asked her what we should do bc like eww germs and she's like im pretty you two have and will exchange a pretty considerable amount of germs so i dont think it matters- and we both laughed

-one time he was at my house and i was making us dinner and i put the dinner in the oven and then went downstairs to watch tv with him for a bit. i told him i was going to check on the food at some point and he said ok and i went to go check it. it had 10 minutes still left on it, and i went back down to tell him, but i stood behind him and like hung over his face so my face was over his face but upside down and i was like babe we have 10 minutes and he didnt say anything he just kissed me (///////) 

spiderman kiss gang

he just always tells me how much he loves me and how perfect and pretty i am and he's so amazing and ssoooo special to me he doesnt even know i love him so so so so much

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*oh my gosh thats just plain adorable ^^*

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I really wish this were me :c

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THATS SO ADORABLEEEEEEEEE also thx for ideas for cute things to do for my bf :D

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good for you

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so jealous ngl

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ꪖꪊꪀᧁ꠸ ꠸ꪑρ᥅ꪮ᥇ꪊᦓ

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-his family likes me (including his dogs)

good job passing the dog test

-he thinks im so smart even though i dont think i am

-i think he's so smart even though he doesnt think he is


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your life sounds like a teen movie wtf lucky

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