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DNI list

- Bigots (homophobes, ableists, racists, transphobes, etc.)

-DSMP fans

-The Smiths fans

-MSI fans

-Marilyn Manson fans

-die antwood fansĀ 


-srs ferardies (like idc if ur joking just make it clear that ur not bein srs)


-(current) P!atd fans/ Brendon Urie fans

-Botdf fans


-people that are anti neopronouns and xenogenders

-Orion experience fans

there's probably more but I can't remember lmfao

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i do listen to msi/like their music but i do not in anyway support the actual artists, but im not sure if itd be alright to add you

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im sorry but please do not add me, thank you for asking tho

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