Bro the people in my science suck :(

First of all, I just want to point out that my friends that DO NOT SUCK. Im talking about the people that make my life hard :(

        The first group of sucky people in my science class are some of the lulu lemons. Not all of them, but the one that bullied me (she bullied me by starting untrue rumors) and let's call her... G. (although she is annoying, I do still respect her privacy.) G is probably the least worse out of all of them. She's not THAT bad. but my friends seem to like her so I end up hanging out with her a bunch. Then we have S. SHE is BAD. She used me as a friend to get dirt on me to start rumors. ugh. luckily that's all the lulu lemons that are in my class. 

       Then we have what I call the "homophobic basketball boys". these boys are the "class clowns", although they are not funny. Exhibit A, we have C. C always does what the teacher askes him not to do, and always talks back. Its like HE WANTS TO BE IN TROUBLE!! Exhibit B, my ex (aka the boy who asked me out and i rejected him cuz im not into weirdos....) Puma sweatpants, and an Adidas Tee shirt. Like ew.

        THEN WE HAVE THE WORST OF THEM ALL. The "Candy Crew." These girls walk into class with a dollar tree bag full of candy EVERYDAY. and they walk out of class whenever they want.

Im done ranting, go on with your day. :)

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I know so fucking annoying

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true dat

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