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HI WELCOME/WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG HOW U DOIN :3 TODAY I GOT SOMETHING IVE ALWAYS WANTED IN MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE IM SO HAPPY. yes i got a new laptop !! my old one is broken, the keyboard is barely working, it took me 10 mins to connect with my phone and it has battery problems, you need to plug it in order to use it. but now im glad to say its time for me to throw that shit away. 

⠀anw it took me a pretty long time (4 hrs) to move all my data to my flashdisk. its time to say goodbye :3 

⠀unboxing the laptop was quite the struggle since some parts are stuck D: it comes with windows 11 i guess. sadly i have no footage bc i dont know how to insert a pic from my storage here lolz but!!!! here comes the epic part !!!!1!! the laptop got those (idk what its called) lights thingy and rtx this is so wow wow

⠀after setting up the laptop i changed the wallpaper and i will change the icons tomorrow. now its time to test the laptop :3 i installed a few apps; roblox and csp premium (i downloaded this illegally) 

⠀first: roblox i lov this game so much !!! i played some 'heavy' games that would probably set my old laptop on fire, and did it lag? no it was SO SMOOTH. csp/clip paint studio, i opened another box and YES i ALSO ordered something else, a drawing tablet :33 i will try to get used with the software and practice drawing with a drawing pen i think its time to stop torturing my fingers..

⠀summary? overall 10/10 no lag no problem so far. i saved my money for a year and it was worth it. i will try to play minecraft/steam next ! the laptop is acer nitro and the drawing tablet is huion i forgot which one !!! prob the best day of my life and i will try and experiment things with this laptop so bai bai see u again, have a nice day ^_________^ 

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