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⠀WELCOME/WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG BABEZ XDD IT IS I. how are you doing? hope yall are doing great (。・ω・。)ノ♡. heres a (kinda) long blog post. there are lots of things going on inside my mind. school, exams, all that shit. i have an upcoming competition to attend (im not proud of this tbh), and im one of the students who will/can attend this special test next week. exams are near too.

dont get me wrong i love school i love socializing with people i love learning ^_^. but theres one thing thats been bothering me lately. this one guy.

lets call him j !! j is (kinda) smart and friendly, hes super talkative. hes also my classmate and is close friend of mine. he sits next to me. hes a good guy. problem is, he has a crush on me. "bbbut hes a nice person??? o.o ..." i have a loving, caring bf, weve been together for a year and a half, yes im taken.

⠀how did i know that he likes me? like i wonder why. im stupid and i dont really stand out. there are pretty perfect girls out there (manifesting to be like them) and yet he CHOSE ME. a friend told me hes been talking about me lately and he has a big fucking crush on me. i couldnt believe it. people are shipping me with him lol wtf

⠀j keeps bothering me. he wants MY ATTENTION, and to be honest, im (obviously) annoyed. he CAN talk for hours AND IM TIRED I WANT TO FUCKING SCREAM AND RIP MY HAIR OFF. hes literally everywhere i swear. i feel like being watched. the worst thing is, i told him lots of times that i am taken, but he doesnt care.

⠀from my experience ive had guys having a crush on me. i think .... 2-3 people ?? idk. and yeah having people trying to get your attention, being nice just bc they like you and following you 24/7 is absolutely shit. not them mfers thinking i dont know whats happening inside their mind, like girl i CAN read your body language 😭

⠀i got a bracelet and some chocos for valentines, one of them is super expensive and tasted REALLY GOOD but i thought, yeah no, fuck this xd. 

my girlies told me to stop talking to him and be cold and ignorant but no thats against my nature. i dont want to make someone sad D: i feel uncomfortable and tired and i feel stuck. i dont know what to do really, im too lazy to ask. ill just ...... wait and see what will happen next lol

so yeah. that was my stupid story and a little (?) vent. im just tired yall. so much happening i keep worrying about him. manifesting for him to go away SHHHHH.

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