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(#1) FIRST BLOG POST !!! ☆

HEWWO AND WELCOME TO MY BLOG! if you have visited my profile you might know who i am. yes im catty (not my real name), the friendly big kitty you know ^_________^ ive been on spacehey for 27 days !!! O.o id say ive been here for a while, just changing my layout and making new friends along the way. YES, I GOT BORED. 

⠀UNTIL... I DECIDED TO (finally) MAKE A BLOG !!! *TBH CREATURE YIPPEEE !!!!!!1!* but i had no fucking idea how or what should i put in it. i keep looking for inspos and shit, cute dividers, and what should i talk about. how do i make my blog entertaining enough and to make people stay long enough and not, "HEY, this dumb furry shit is boring, im leaving........"

⠀i wanted to make my blog PERFECT with no mistakes (but im too stupid to do so). LIKE SUPER COOL AND EPIC. I WANT TO PUT RELATABLE STUFF IN IT. YES, YOU HAVE TO ENTERTAIN YOUR AUDIENCE. but now ? im just putting random stuff in it like 😭 im so sorry if this blog sounds like a fucking diary. because it is. it will be. in other words, i want to be like other people with their amazing blogs and their wonderful writing skills wtf im so jealous. 

im not good at writing, but i will try to be better XD. im just messing around i have no idea what im doing. for real tho i dont care if no ones reading this. well i hope i have -ENOUGH- motivation to run this blog (☆▽☆) so yeah, welcome !!!! this blog is stupid and messy, just like the owner. i hope you enjoy your stay ajshjddj. feedbacks are super appreciated.

have a nice day (●♡∀♡) LOV U GUYS MWAH

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