i've  been thinking and i hope ima not the only one that thinks this 
DX that i cant completely look scene enough and i know there's almost no such thing as ''scene/emo enough'' its just my brain says you don't have enough colour your hair isn't choppy enough  or your too wearing too much pink or not enough black and the fact even if i were to change the hair thing i would get in more trouble again :( so yuh just hope im not alone in this feeling

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i feel teh same. i even tried gettin my hair cut in the scene fringe not too long ago, and it ended up lookin like a mullet:(. but i think it doesnt matter how "scene" you look, as long as youre havin fun then its alright:)! but you can get hair extensions like raccoon tailz to help u look more scene. i suggest lookin at inspo pics and trying to take pieces from them and put it all together, lol. hope this helps!(PS dont worry, ur not alone! alot of scene kidz feel like this...)

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thankyou i thought i was alone in this struggle!!

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ugh i soooooo get that, im in the midst of the same feels, like it could always be more scene,,, there could always be a bit more added. But u gotta remember that ur dope as hell and scene as fuk no matter how u feel about it!

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its ok babes! i've been emo for a good while but i only have enough fits for like a week pfft

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oh no!!!! sad :(

by xXkatcourtXx; ; Report

Nycki LeBlanc

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Who says there's only one way to look "scene/emo enough" in the first place? Who decided looking "scene/emo enough" is always going to be the same? I believe the style is a sliding scale ranging from emo to scene. Maybe one day, good enough was closer to the scene end of the scale and you wore a little more pink. On another day, maybe good enough was closer to the emo end of the scale and meant wearing more black.

We don't have a new wild hair color every other week with heavily fringed layers and wear skinny jeans in every color except the classic blue denim with a different metal/punk/rock band tee everyday because we want to look like everybody else, right? We do it because we want to stand apart from the crowd and express ourselves. Trying to copy somebody else's style for the sake of looking "scene/emo enough" is the exact opposite.

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i know but when i said that was more referring to the hair

by xXkatcourtXx; ; Report


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plz relate of you can


this blog needs kudos and plz leave a comment if you can relate because many people have actually been able to relate and i would love to open up and for everyone else to open up because we can be a community. the blog is on top entries so it is visible but here it is just if you need it!

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i thought it was just my mind DX thankyou ;w;

by xXkatcourtXx; ; Report

Your welcome!

by rai; ; Report


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i think theres no official way, just do what looks cool 2 u!! as a black person i dont have the option 2 do the stereotypical emo hair without straightening my hair (most hair straightening options are at best, hair damaging, and at worse, are harmful chemicals that can affect more than my hair :( ) so i just wear mine natural and cut short and i add spikes with a curl sponge.
(looks like this but i havent had a haircut in a while so the sides are a little spiky too https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/XWaTjdt2seARAhmUx-7pbIipdl46RTBYA_mmib65GT67JoAXbU8oOh_oQg1JMM16UraBcWnIiQ1JAStNHgxjkRF9T8CGMWVPYu5u9JGZ1EZzmNKQzi41CqDw8pcmrYLCxkbyHpvd )

plus since most striped extensions are for straight hair i wanna get mine dyed like this anime character https://i0.wp.com/drunkenanimeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Dorohedoro-ep7-5.jpg?

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ight i agree and dying your hair sounds awesome!

by xXkatcourtXx; ; Report

also yes raccoon tails are which is sad

by xXkatcourtXx; ; Report