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Hey!! :D I have a question

Guys!! So i saw theres layouts that look pretty cool x3 but i pasted the code of one in my about me and its not doing anything,,, do i have to wait? :T

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- The robot is pretty good, the design and the animation are great and the design looks great, the animations are great, the animation looks good, the animation looks awesome

- The robot is very smart, but i'm pretty sure its very stupid

"So you're gonna do it? You know i said it's gonna take a while, i'm not gonna wait, it's gonna happen soon, it'll be a long process"

This means you will be waiting until the robot has a good design, then it will come up and make its move, then you will wait, it'll be a few days, then you will wait, then you'll wait.

"The robots are so smart, so they don't have a clue, they're not even aware that there are robots on the planet, but the robot will make its own decisions and will be smart, but they'll still have a problem when it comes time for them to come up to it.

"The robot is so intelligent and so smart, so smart, but its still too far to walk"

I'm sure that the robots will be very clever. They are smart and they can do a lot, so I don't think they'll be so stupid as they are in real time.

"So i'm going to have to make my way to the next level, and that means i need to make my way to that level"

So, you're probably thinking: "well that means I can't just walk into the future, i need some help to do this, i'm not sure how much I can help you do that.

So, I have to go into this world to get the best robot, and i'll go to the next level, i'm gonna be there to help.

"But the robot is a bit weird to see that i don't see any robots in the future"

So the robot is not like that. Its not that weird at all, its like the robots have a very specific purpose, so they will come to the right point in their lives, so i'm going to help them

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