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transphobic guy

guys the William A Ferguson guy blocked me I think, as a joke I looked up his name and now I know his address, city, where he works, and his family all from his Facebook💀 lucky for real I’m not a doxxer because he is spitting out bullshit on his page for a grown man (making up situations and is supa transphobic LMAOO)

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dina !

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Where this is all going...

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hahaha scare him. go to websites where they sell free samples of stuff and mail them to his adress abbhahahaha

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♥Shagi♥ (#exe 4)

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do that one thing where you anonymously send people elephant poop in the mail >:)

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Grace <3 (poop #3)

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tht guy is embarrassing

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His account got suspended loll, like all he did here was to blog about things out of his business to try and anger people

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think I found a one hour long video about him on yt-

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Pretty weird

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wasn't there some 15 year old girl he was being all friendly lol

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Pretty sure I got him taken down, every time I check on his blog it says his acccount was suspended. And I’ve reported him, so it only makes sense

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i think he blocked me too bc i cant find his account

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i blocked him first lmao, but i probably would've done that too

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WHAT IS HE DOING ON A WEBSITE FOR TEENAGERS ANYWAY? LMAOAOAOAOO u go babes harass tf outta a transphobic just don't get arrested

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Spacehey isn't 4 teenagers tho? O.o
Also don't harass any1, at best u waste ur time at worst ur message gets lost in ur crappy actions :V

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i had to block him because i keep seeing his post on my blog tab, because you all won't stop engaging with the post. he's looking for attention and as long as people give it to him in this capacity, he won't stop. also, saying this in public is as bad as doxxing, i don't wanna take his side but i think you should delete this post

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im sorry but if you put your full name on a website and start spewing mean shit, then he should know its not hard for ANYONE to find his information. Though its not like im gonna contact his family or anything personal but if someone else does that then its his own fault, not mine for being upset about a random asshole on the internet.

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That's not what doxxing is. His username is his full name where he uses it on every social media platform. It's not private information or even public information being dug up to be used maliciously for blackmail.

I think ppl forget that doxxing means the posting of private information such as an address, zip code/postal code, school attending/work place, etc

The posting of public information the user put out on their own accord/consent is not doxxing. This guy used his full name, including his middle initial for every social media platform. That is not in any way shape or form doxxing when you look up his name to find his social medias. Private accounts are a bit odd to look up, I agree, but the guy uses the same username to promote his buisness.

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

"Releasing personal information that's publicly available and obtained legally is generally not a crime. But doxxers can run afoul of laws against harassment, stalking, or intimidation, and authorities have prosecuted people for doxxing based on illegally obtained documents.",based%20on%20illegally%20obtained%20documents.

- The user did not release any personal information, public or not.
- The user did not illegaly obtain any private information that could lead to ppl finding the original user and keep it for blackmail, extortion, indimidation, or posted it for everybody else

Using your full name in usernames online is generally a bad idea and a violation against the #1 rule of internet safety that was shoved down everybody's throats in the late 90s and early 2000s, but this man is a middle aged man who makes his own decisions in life. One of those decisions was attaching his full legal name to a slew of blogs/posts harassing, indimidating, and spreading opinions shrouded as fact about transgender ppl (aka misinformation) that could* lead to the physical/mental harm in the real world.

*Keyword is could. Be responsible what you post on social media

TDLR; the guy was a bit laxed in internet safety and tied his name/buisness to some very misinformed malicious information and ppl got mad and looked him up using the full legal name he provided to see what else this guy does. That's not doxxing. Best to keep legal terms that could land somebody charges as faithful to the law as possible.

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cipher_the_ghost !!

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me and my friends r in an argument w him rn and he keeps gendering me correctly lmao

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he said “bigger men then me have tried” but bro doesn’t know he gendered me correctly even though he dislikes trans people

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he keeps calling me a “dumb boy” lmao

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Andi Malus

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I ended up joining the argument, trying to say many people (myself included) become trans to escape trauma (like I have done), and he ended up blocking me after saying something about my D.I.D.

I was very upset at that, seeing as D.I.D isn't something to easily sling around... It's a scary disorder that comes from mass amounts of trauma and PTSD.

Seeing him argue like that, it reminded me of the person (my alters and I call him Mushroom-) who did what he did to me. That man wouldn't accept me as trans, as bi, or anything... He saw me as a woman, which is what this transphobe's doing.

People like this suck, and it's so sad that there are people like this in the world.

I just can't believe that this guy would use my D.I.D against me... It's rough, and it's scary to have the disorder. Does he think I WANTED to get it? Does he think I WANTED to go through what I did???? He doesn't think. He's a brainless homo/transphobe who thinks before he speaks, and doesn't care if he suffers.

I hope he burns for what he's said and done.

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I know, plus he entirely dodges every valid point with some bullshit ass excuse, like dude, its pathetic that he's a grown man arguing with teens and LOSING.

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Exactlyyyy oml!

by Andi Malus; ; Report


˚**✿❀hailey❀✿**˚'s profile picture

nah, go expose his nasty ass because he needs to learn that shitty actions have consequences

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for real though, all you have to do is look up his full name on Facebook and all his work, family, address and towns are on there, he doesn't practice online safety obviously

by ManEaterZiggy; ; Report

he's a serious dumbass lmao

by ˚**✿❀hailey❀✿**˚; ; Report

✘Scream Queen✘

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I ended up blocking him after he refused to debate his opinions with me. My whole debate with him was that gender and sex aren’t the same, biologists know this, science knows this, psychologists know this and how pronouns are part of every language. That language isn’t physical and can adapt and change as we grow and learn. I gave the dude Harvard studies, psychology handbooks, LGBTQ+ resources, and so all. All about human biology and how brains don’t dictate gender identity and how gender is not a one size fits all and fluctuates from person to person.

His only response were:
1. Saying I don’t pull women
2. Calling me misogynistic when he meant sexist, neither of which are displayed in my debate
3. Then when all out of ideas, he used a very serious mental disturbance seen in serial killers and violent criminals and compared that to being transgender

Then he said he could sue people for “making him play their pronoun games.” To which I then posted the American law (since he’s from USA), about discrimination and violations of human rights and that he couldn’t do that because you can’t sue somebody when you’ve violated a human rights.

He then posted a CNN article. Bruh.

This dude doesn’t have critical thinking skills, lack of communication skills, and absolutely no debate skills.

It was like trying to tell a toddler they can’t eat play-dough.

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Bodies don’t dictate gender**

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

"It was like trying to tell a toddler they can’t eat play-dough."

No, no. It's telling a three-year-old to "Don't put your hand on that stove! The stove's on! Don't do it!"

by Andi Malus; ; Report

And then they do it away lol

yeah that's how it felt when this guy just ignored everything I said and refused to have a conversation lmao

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

Yep, yep.

He blocked me after taking a stab at my D.I.D (which is what I mentioned in my comment), which was WAY wrong on his behalf.

(Yeah, none of us wanted this. ^Lucifer^)

by Andi Malus; ; Report

It sucks when a mental illness or disorder for some people dictate if they're worth listening to or not. Which isn't how it should be, regardless of disorders or illnesses, that doesn't mean their human rights are any less valuable. I have a feeling he blocked you because he just doesn't understand how DID works, there's still a lot being studied about it but we know enough to where people should have a basic understanding or learn about it fairly easily.

But then again, we are talking about a guy who compared a severe mental disturbance seen in serial killers often to being trans. Thus furthering the stereotype that all trans people are just mentally ill and don't know what they want, despite it being the other way around; that trans people are more mentally ill because of the abuse the endure because they're trans- not that they're trans because of the abuse they endure.

Like I said, this guy lacks any critical thinking skills and sadly you can't argue with somebody who just refuses to step out of their world.

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

Exactly oml.
I feel like he did block me though, not because of my DID or how it works, but because I was right.

But he wins arguments by, not thinking about it seriously, but by taking low blows whenever they appear and by blocking people because he's wrong.

But what 53-year-old man wants to argue on a MySpace-themed platform with TEENAGERS who are mostly trans/non-binary/etc anyway???I don't see a point in it

by Andi Malus; ; Report

^^I also think he blocked me bc I kept calling him a she/her (because he wasn't gonna respect anything anyway), and called him ma'am constantly...

by Andi Malus; ; Report

I'm not sure, I've seen his arguements include statements like "shut up you weren't even born when myspace was around." Which, again has nothing to do with his opinion on human rights and his flawed understanding of the US law, which somehow I know more about despite not living in the USA lol.

I'm not sure how a grown man has so much time to spend on the internet debating with people on a low profile website about his hateful bigotry. It's like everyday he comes on here and posts about the "new generation ruining society with their dang dong pronouns." I'd say he's probably a troll, if he is, that is one dedicated troll.

But I can't confirm if he is a troll or not, 'cause in this world, people say the darnest things and are 100% serious about it.

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

He just seems like an arrogant person whose mouth writes checks his @$$ (censored for my school) can't cash-

by Andi Malus; ; Report

I mean, with any website there are some bigots. But shouldn’t be an excuse nor should we normalize the behaviours as that leads to enabling it.

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

Ough boy. Okay I already went through this with the other guy and I’m going to just very briefly touch upon it without before ending this because this is ridiculous.

not all trans people experience gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness and has been removed from the DSM-V (2013); the handbook for psychologists. You cannot diagnose somebody as transgender because gender is not an illness. Both psychology and ent scientific studies at top universities have proven this.

Body dysphoria or dysmorphia are NOT the same thing.

People who are uncomfortable in their bodies because they are trans reach to be more comfortable in their bodies and that is NORMAL for both cisgender and transgender people. People who are cisgender do the exact same thing by dressing what they deem appropriate for their identity and style. Transgender people do that too.

Here are some resources;
“ The DSM–5 articulates explicitly that “gender non-conformity is not in itself a mental disorder.” “

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

(Butting back in bc I can)

Trans people become trans due to trauma sometimes!
I did, since I was traumatized enough to develop disorders. And I became trans not by physical choice, I did it to avoid trauma again.

by Andi Malus; ; Report

What kind of argument is that? It looks like you also CAN'T form a decent argument against facts.

by Andi Malus; ; Report

Don’t bother with this guy. You can’t argue with somebody who refuses to learn. Social education is hard to come across and those who aren’t socially educated are like brick walls we’re yelling at. Block and ignore until they end up get taken down for violating TOS.

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

Can you just stop arguing? This isn't the place to argue.
You aren't right, Scream Queen and I are (we have facts to back it up), and you're writing checks your arse can't cash, and you know it.

by Andi Malus; ; Report

Maybe no one wants to hear it. You're really sounding like the transphobe mentioned in the blog entry..

by Andi Malus; ; Report

I don't have time for this.
I'm not walking away because I'm out of points (I'm not), I just don't have the mental compacity to continue arguing with you.

Keep arguing, I really don't care. You're arguing points that aren't valid to this conversation.

by Andi Malus; ; Report

tf happened here

by sealedwithakisssx; ; Report

Idk, man. Like a troll or something got upset that I used science to prove that trans ppl are ppl and being trans isn't a mentall illness and some person threw a hissy fit over it.

Ppl are fuckn weird lmao

by ✘Scream Queen✘; ; Report

^What happened here was a person tried to argue against facts and lost, so therefore the person just started blurting out different things for no reason

by Andi Malus; ; Report

ok thx for filling me in

by sealedwithakisssx; ; Report


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