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(tw; ed, self harm, mentions of sewerslide)everything is gone.

its all fucking gone. They took my phone forever. All because I edited a stupid fucking picture and sent it to my friends. now I have lost everything. I can't do this right now. I can't. This on top of losing everyone and my fucking eating disorder. I can't fucking do this. I cant fucking do this. I want to die. I want to end all of this. The only reason I stay is for him. He is the only person who is always there for me. But holy fuck I can't do it. I was just starting to convince myself to eat food. I can't. I can't fucking do it. I'm gonna fucking starve. I'm going to starve until I'm physically unable to walk. I have been ripping the hair out of my head. I can't stop. The pain is addictive. I can't do this. I'm going to relapse again. I just can't. I fucking can't. My life is officially fucking ruined and I have nothing left. No more phone, no more friends, and no more will to fucking live.

fuck you,


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Grace <3 (poop #3)

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im so srry abt tht
and also ifu kys, ur not endingth pain, ur just transferring it to someone else and endingthe cance for u to get better

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Felix <3

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hey, i'm vry late n stumbled on ur account on accident, i jus wanna say.. i hope u got ur phone back.. but if not, again i'm sorry.. but we needa find better wayz to cope. you're a very important person n SOMEONES. so please keep urself healthy for urself. n the other ppl that love n care 4 u

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thanks, It means a lot to me that you stopped by to comment this. I will be getting my phone back hopefully in about a week. ^^

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oooh yayy!!! im so excited for u :)

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~✰Elyott✰~'s profile picture

Aww Darling Im sorry, if u wanna talk I'll always be here for you, and try to eat something for me please? I won't try and force you but please at least one meal, and you'll have your phone back one day don't worry baby, it's okay

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˚**✿❀hailey❀✿**˚'s profile picture

awww bb I'm so sorry you're struggling rn:(( please take care of yourself

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I'm trying but shit is hard rn man-

by ☆spiral☆; ; Report

Little monster

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Oh no dude please eat something

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fuck no. I did eat last night, but I'm done with it now. I just can't.

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oh i hope you feel better dude

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