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I take a world languages and cultures class in which we are learning Japanese and the people in that class are very "weebish." Like in a very racist, incely(?) way if you know what I mean. I am not Japanese or Asian in general but as a POC it really bothers me how ignorant people are when it comes to the Japanese culture. PLUS the sexualization of Asian women. 

In 5th period, we were reading a primary source in which a child coming from Korea ends up ditching his culture to fit in with his peers. We did popcorn reading (ugh) and whenever a sentence came up where the child was expressing how badly he wanted to be white/fit in, the person reading + the class would giggle or snicker. That class has those lab type of tables that have black tops and like two people usually sit at that one table, so there were partner discussions here and there. I sit with this girl (we'll call her Janis) and Janis and I had to discuss/think about a question on the handout. We got sidetracked with another table and one of the boys at the other table made a joke about how the child in the story wants to be white. Janis jumped in and said that Korean people are white. I tried multiple times to correct them but got talked over every time. Finally, one of the people at the neighboring table chimed in, "why would he want to be white?" To which I responded, "Well, he's a minority, I would wanna be white in this situation as well." and I just got side glances from Janis and everyone else at that table. 

Sorry this is so long, but Asian people get so much crap and erasure in today's society. Especially by white, male, anime fans. :)

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I think a lot of people when confronted with uncomfortable perspectives about their privilege downplay it and resort humor when they don't know how to process it critically. Sounds like you gave them something to think about at least.

Your comment about interacting with Japanese culture unfortunately rings true for a lot of Japanese language learning circles online too.

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I’ve tried learning Japanese before taking this class and literally most people were trying to learn it to “understand anime”

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Actual Acorn

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it's cool that you're taking a world languages class though. my school only had french. btw, do you know what language this is? "Se crimae er cyin, Lietmal rie golil le fynyoie aym deainney, ny ayr dy ny liannea cyud cal nel afrit."

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Man idk if this is some joke that im oblivious to but no idk what language that is lmao

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