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Emo/scene quiz

1. Are you more scene or emo?

2. Were you ever into Never Shout Never?
Not really

3. Fringes or Racoon Tails?
Racoon tails

4. Bright and colourful hair, or dark black hair?

5. Gloomy bear or Hello Kitty?
Hello kitty

6. How often do you shop at a Hot Topic?
We don't have Hot topic where I'm from.

7. How many band posters do you have up?
None. But I have gory drawings and 3 death note posters.

8. Have you watched Invader Zim? If so, who’s your favourite character?
Yes and Zim.

9. Opinion on Gerard Way?
He's cool af.

10. Waffles or Tacos?

11. Have you played Gaia?

12. Dear Maria or Check Yes Juliet?
Check Yes Juliet are you with me~~~

13. Do you drink Monster?
No but I do drink cola. i'm a coke lover lol

14. Have you had a scene phase before?

15. Do you make Kandi?
fuck yeah!

16. Do you wear a lot of Kandi?

17. Do you have a Blingee account? And/or make Blingees?
No but i like them very much

18. Are you a furry? If so, what’s your fursona like?

19. Do you listen to BVB, AA, or BMTH?
Bvb and bmth yes!

20. Do you have Funko Pops?

21. Do you watch Anime?

22. Do you play Animal Jam?
Never got into it.

23. Are you okay?
im ok (i promice)

24. Are you Lol Xd Randum??

25. Opinion on Nyan Cat?

26. Big hair or big accessories?

27. Did you ever have a MySpace? Do you still?
No, I'm too young.

28. Want any emo/scene tattoos?
Stars on my hip bones and a lower back tattoo.

29. Have any emo/scene tattoos?
No, my parents would kill me. But I'll get some when I'm 18 for sure.

30. Do you like Furbies?

31. xD, Xd or XD?

32. Do you like Care Bears?
Meh 🤷‍♀️

33. Is Avril Lavigne a clone?
What?? No? idk...

34. Do you want fangs?
Yes! I love anything vampire related!!!

35. Does emo/scenecore make you happy?
Very much so.

36. Have you dyed your hair? If so, what colours and how long ago?
Red & purple

37. Do you want/have any piercings?
I have a helix but I'd like a second one in the future. I also want snakebites and a belly button piecing. (I even have a playboy piercing for my belly just waiting.)

edit: i got the second helix and naval piersings. the snake bites are incoming...

38. Do you wish you were in a band?
Yes, but I can't play instruments. I do sing tho.

39. What Warrior Cats clan are you in?
Idk, never heard of this.

40. Is Gir annoying?
Sometimes but he's funny for the most part. And cute

41. Have you ever played Imvu?

42. Are you a Killjoy or a Youngblood?
Neither idk

43. Do you have any emo/scene friends irl?
omg yes!

44. Who’s your favourite scene/emo blog?

45. Do you wear Converse?
No but I'd like to. red ones 

46. Does “Rawr” mean “I love you” in Dinosaur?

47. Favourite Pokemon?
Pikachu lol i have a bit pikachu plushie

48. Do you like Decora fashion?
I think it's cool

49. Do you like Sparkle Dogs?
I did as a kid

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