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Going to NYC Soon (Vent-ish?)

I'm gonna be real with you, SpaceHey. I'm not thrilled about this for a second. I'm gonna be staying with my mom for a good portion of my trip, which is okay. There's just a lot of tension to shit that I didn't account for until like- The last second.

I moved out of NYC like, 4 years ago now and I've been much happier ever since. I'm not a big fan of my dad's side of the family at all. Along with cramped airplane seating and a bunch of other bullshit? I'm livid.

Not to mention that there's really nobody irl that wants to hang out with me anymore. I went to check my Facebook after god knows how long and friendships were broken apart with like.. No indication of what drama had happened and its just a bit jarring. Seeing Friends that don't talk to each other anymore from way back makes me real sad. I dunno, man.

Maybe I'll just keep to myself while I'm here as much as I can and hope the days go by as quickly as possible. I come back home on the 22nd so that's good.

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