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Borderlands 3 ACTUALLY STILL FUNNN (My own gameplay too!)

Think fast, quick blog comin at ya!! I've been playing Borderlands 3 after having uninstalled it when I beat it. I'd forgotten that Moze the Gunner was REALLY fun and her ability really makes me wanna get back into mecha related things and OCs!

I even uploaded something for yas!

(game below is rated  M for mature)

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Oh my god finally someone else who likes Borderlands 3!! I hate that so many people shit on it because of Ava as if Tiny Tina isn't ear grating too. It has some of the best environments, guns, and gameplay in the series.

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I like Tina.. D: But YEAH idk after Borderlands 2 I've built up an immunity to it I feel. The gameplay and loot is so worth whatever the heck else tbh, I love BL3 :D

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Tina is fine but I don't know how people can shit on Ava's excessive uppity-ness when Tina is out here screeching baby babble in BL2. She's more tolerable in 3 cause she's older, but she's only marginally better than in 2.

Yeah I agree though Borderlands 3 is such an amazing game to play. The gameplay is so smooth and the guns are really fun. Also love Mayhem mode and the new co-op mode. Makes it so much easier to jump in a game with friends.

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