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♫ my DNI's ♫

 didn't want to clutter my profile with this x_x 

• racist
• transphobic
• homophobic
• pedo/nonce/MAP
• proshippers
• ableist
• furry haters
• anti xenogenders/neopronouns

• DMSP stans 
(general MCYT is ok)

• homestuck fans
• younger than 14 

• genshin impact users
(current friends r safe)

• hate dogs/cats
• zoophilia 

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you are so based

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i'm not any of these can we be friends? I'm trying to make friends and I'd like it if you could be my friend ^^

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of course ! after reading my dni's and understand ur not a part of them then u don't have to ask ! u can just add right away x)

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