When u want a character in Imvu but ur broke as a joke so u just draw them XDD

Made a c r e a t u r e in the Imvu store and since I couldn't buy it (I'm broke as a joke in Imvu XDD) I decided 2 just screenshot and draw her! >:D She was just so bootiful O_O

Uhh, yeah, I can't draw wolf snoots XDD I know, she looks like Brian from Family Guy XDD

Might make her an OC, might not, who nose! Geddit, cuz her big ass nose XDD

Yes, that is indeed a horribly drawn Metro Station shirt on her, how could u tell? XDD Also that symbol in the speech bubble is The Medic Droid's symbol! I loaf explaining all the scene references in my drawings XDD

Here's her full body in Imvu if ur curious >w> sta.sh/0n90l2z9i3f

I'm drawin 2 many furries... T_T XDD

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your art is fucking adorable

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Even with her Brian Griffin nose?- QwQ JKJK XDD fr though I gotta work on snoots cuz her sout looks like Brian from Family Guy- >_>

BUT FRRR THANKIESSS! I appreciate it so much!

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