Does anyone else's conservative dad unironically believe there's going to be a zombie apocalypse or is mine just broken?

The subject speaks for itself, but yeah. My parents are divorced and I do not live with my dad anymore, nor have I seen him for years. However, my sister still visits him occasionally, and she'll sometimes tell me how it was when she comes back. One time, we were hanging out in my room and she told me that my dad (who is very conservative) believes that people are being brainwashed by the government and therefore a zombie apocalypse will take place. I find this very odd.
Is this a universal experience amongst conservative dads?

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Michael knowles

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I defenetly do to

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Actual Acorn

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many right-wingers believe that some sort of societal collapse or authoritarian takeover is underway. zombies, however... that's a bit out there.

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Yeah, it definitely is. It's very strange how right-wingers think that way, especially since plenty of left-wing folks are very anti-authoritarian. Very odd.

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