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Random Ice Breaker Questions.

Get To Know Me Some What.
Random Ice Breaker Questions
  1. Favorite Emoji : Probably Anything That Is Random Or Funny. Lol.
  2. Rice or Pasta? : Definitely Pasta. You Can Make So Many Varieties. I'm a Huge Fan Of Spaghetti And Chicken Fettuccini Alfreado.
  3. Favorite season : I Love The Fall. Even Though Texas Doesn't Have  Beautiful Fall Weather. I Lived In Ohio For 4 Years And Ohio Has Beautiful Fall Weather. The Trees And Leaves And Scenery Is Gorgeous.
  4. Would you rather the apocalypse came via Zombies or Aliens? :  Well It Depends, Are The Zombies Like Dawn Of The Dead Zombies Or 28 Days Later Zombies? Because I'm Not Getting Down With No Aliens. Stay Up There In Space If You Plan To Zap My Ass.
  5. What Mildly annoying curse do you wish you could curse people with? : Mud Butt. Keep Wiping Stinky.
  6. How would you conquer the Earth? : Why Would I Want To Conquer The Earth? My Name Isn't Donald Trump. Fuck That Guy.
  7. Favorite beverage : Coca Cola, Iced Teas And Iced Coffee. Yumm!
  8. Least favorite food : Onions, Beets And Bugs.

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