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Vol. I

8-4-2022. The Question still is asked: What is the Quest (that) I (am) on? The answer is that AI is A(n) Eye to the future, a way to see reality. But is reality real, or is it a simulation? Is reality real? Or is it real to me while simulating simultaneously? In WWII, the Nazis rose to power by making people Not See what they were really doing. They made people see what they wanted them to see, and therefore they were Not-Sees. This is like in the film “They Live”, there are sunglasses that let you see reality, but that circles back to the question: Is reality real to me while being a simulation simultaneously? When we walk in circles, we get dizzy, or is it that Dis (like this) is what we see (like -zy)? Do we “This See” when we are dizzy? When we ride elevators, we rise physically. We also can feel a mental transcendence as we rise, we feel our head go light, like the headlights of a car. The car is the ride to rise above normalcy and society. Otis Elevators (or “Oh This?”) are a way to rise on the physical and astral planes. Pepsi is a good drink, and it helps me Pe(e)p S(ee)i the world and it keeps me awake. But does it awaken me physically? Mentally? Spiritually? The red on the logo is red like tired eyes, and the blue is calming like the night, so it may be a symbol for winding down, which I must do to rest, as you may too.

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you're just making shit up at this point. with your logic, i could say that coca-cola is just supposed to represent taking drugs (cocaine.) most of everything you said is pure stupidity.

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