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Fallout 4, Military Base Scraps

Keep in mind that my playthrough of Fallout 4 is heavily modded. Many of the things you see in these images are not a part of the base game but, I'll provide a link to the modpage if I can down below. That also being said, I use Fallout as a basis for my OCs and I may spew some lore dumps on ya, but considering that you're still here, I think you'll be okay. 😏

Fallout 4 is a game about the post apocalypse and has grim, dark imagery on top of whatever else I modded into the game. Some of these can range from or mention:

Death and/or Torture
Blood and Gore
Heavy Drug Use
Surgical procedures
Body horror
War crimes and things related to war
Characters with PTSD/Mental Illness
Kidnapping and abduction

However! With.. A lot of these, you thankfully(?) won't see these on SpaceHey due to the rules, which is understandable- But just letting you know.. You've been warned!!

It already feels like such a long time since our last adventure, huh? In the hostile wastes of Boston, I've heard a little bit of chirping on the radio from a weapons dealer talking about needing backup.. Message repeats, but I think I'd been a sleep for a while as the distress signal had been going off. The way things go out here, I might have been too late.
Doing a quick inventory check for meds, ammo and food, I wander towards where the coordinates point- Last known signal of the distress team.. A military base a ways off from here.

But before we do, I don't think I've introduced you guys to Marcie.

Say hello, Marcie.

Marcie is an OC of mine that I made while venturing out in the wastes. She was a part-timer at a gun shop downtown that caught the brunt of an infection after being bitten by a Zombie. By some miracle, she managed to stop from turning all the way and ended up being.. This half-zombie but she says that everything is working upstairs. Its just that.. At times, she gets more violent than intended and ends up doing some heavy damage to enemies with her shotgun. She also has to sate her hunger by feeding on flesh like some other zombies do, but I give her some space since her being a hybrid is still a sensitive topic. In all, Marcie is doing her best in this hellish world.

With that out of the way, lets get goin', huh?


Please pardon the skewed image ratio, I had to cut out some stuff in order to appease the SpaceHey gods. Trekking for a few minutes, it seems like this had been the calmest Boston had ever been, really. Even with some of the more desperate scavengers, you just have to stick by the train station nearby in order to avoid conflict- Y'know, so you don't waste bullets. Despite how destructive everything had been, the grass has been growing real steadily this time. If I were a farmer, I'd be thrilled. Although, I'm a scavver. No need for any of that BS, I'm out to look for stuff to survive.

...Until I end up getting distracted. Marcie and I ended up breaking into a building that had some security behind it. The place looks pristine compared to some other places- Untouched! Look for yourself!


Eat your heart out, HGTV.

A kitchen with running water, working stove and a place to relax on top of a comfy bed that isn't full of bedbugs seemed like we had just woken up from a bad dream. This escape from all the chaos out there really made us want to just settle down here and stock up the fridge and see if there's any electricity working to get some games of Halo 2 going. But, we were on a mission to head out to see if the people who sent the distress signal were still out there and alive. If not? Then spoils to whoever can take em and leave out there alive.

Oh! We also managed to find these.

I REALLY hate the ex-militia more all of a sudden...

In any case, we ate a bit, did some equipment checks as well as mental and began to head out again.


"Hold on a sec. Y'hear that..?"

Marcie's sudden intuition has us crouching in place like a pair of deer spooked in the forest. From a distance as we closed in on our destination, we hear an altercation from far and some machinery go off..

...Shhhhit. Gunshots going off and it sounds like there's a lot of em firing off. Sounds like someone found the distress folks' signal before we did and did something about it. sounds like a lot of bodies dropped and no one was taken prisoner at all.

Grim sight, but its better them than us.

Getting closer to the scene it looks like nobody got off easy. The nearby bandit group really wanted what was there for themselves with the Weapons dealers being the icing on top of the cake. Though it looks like me and Marcie are about to eat once we pilfer this place.
I just hope we're not eating lead like those guys anytime soon. The military really didn't skimp out on getting their security souped up with the best stuff.

Here goes nothin'.

"...? What the hell? Where's the security?"

Going in, we were met with no security at all. Like, none. The password to the armory being right next to the terminal, the entrance being open without any issues at all, nothing. Then again I think that if this place did have some kind of defense, the bandits wouldn't have been able to kill the dealers so easily. Hm.

"Best not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I guess."


"Hey, do me a favor and carry this with you, will ya? Wh- I don't care how much guns we gotta lug, bring it with you. 'Kay, thanks! I owe ya'."

Sometimes I think Marcie takes our safehouse' s extra room for granted. I shrug it off and continue either way..

Oh- Oh SHIT.

This damn thing had more security on it than the entire place.

If there was ever something that was calling out to us amid the dead bodies and ammo we'd found along with some other guns that were basically useless to us, it was this. I'll save you the swearing and tantrums that comes with me trying to pick locks with such difficulty on it, so I'll just show you this now.


A Heckler and Koch MP7 from what Marcie guesstimated. Again, I'm no gun nut, but this machinegun isn't anything to sneeze at. Its the lightest thing I've ever picked up and it feels like a dream to carry and aim with. With its extended magazine and light weight, this gun is gonna be a dream come true when it comes to combat that's a little too close for my liking.


Mmh.. After all that trek and exploration.. I feel as if there's more to see in this military base. I feel as if we should just go home and relax for the rest of the day, but this Military base seems like it has some more stuff for us..Near those bodies we'd found, there was an open door to what seems to be a bunker and we might find something nice to eat- Well, at least I will.

And that's that for now. If you enjoyed what you've read then subscribe to the blog and leave some kudos! There's plenty more where that came from, but lemme give you a shortcut to my last adventure I went on with Marcie here.

Thanks for stopping by, stay safe out there and watch your six! Never know when you'd get bit!

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omg i adore this!!! :0 ur game is beautiful omgomg

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Tysm!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!
I usually get comments of “?? That’s not fallout 4” whenever I share it to my friends and if they reacted like that then you guys on SpaceHey are gonna be BLOWN away with what I have to show ya!!!

by Jas'; ; Report

I can't wait to see more then!!! :D the vibes are just *chefs kiss*

by Henry/Kitsune; ; Report