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You ever get the feeling dreams are like whole parallel universes?

Okay, first blog entry, I'm trying to be active and share something here so here goes... I dream a lot, and my dreams can be pretty long, with a whole story built around them, and even detailed scenery - I can even map out some of the places I've visited. I feel as though I'm living parallel lives I can just go back to when I fall asleep. Does anyone have a theory on this? It'd be fun to discuss it, as it's an interesting phenomenon. c:

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Eli Symphony

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I agree, my dreams are usually very vivid, and some of them I confuse with actual memories. They places in my dreams I revisit when I dream, eg I dreamt of this creepy old house and I few years later I revisited the house via my dreams. And their is also the topic of lucid dreaming, all very interesting!!

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Yeah, I feel that! Awesome, isn't it? I've tried to lucid dream a few times and failed hilariously. I was practicing reality checks, 'cause they wake you up in the dream, and I dreamt that I did a reality check and it was reality so I continued the dream thinking I was awake. I was so confused when I actually did wake up lol! Have you tried to lucid dream? Any strategy you want to share?

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