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50 horror questions

from @surveyworld on tumblr 

1) Favorite horror movie?
jennifers body <3 my fav lesbian cannibal romance 

2) Scariest place to be outside at night where you live?
the woods probably 

3) Any animal fears?

4) When you were younger what were you afraid of?

5) When you were younger how did you cope with your fears?
hid and pretend it didnt exist 

6) Is a basement or attic scarier to you?
basement. i would love to have an attic room someday

7) Ever have recurring nightmares?
yes all the time

8) Favorite old horror film?
is the craft considered old yet?

9) Are you comfortable being at home alone?
yeah its the best time

10) Has the fear of something ever kept you up all night?

11) When you imagined monsters when you were younger what did they look like?
deformed humanoid shapes

12) Do you sleep with one foot out of the covers or both under?
both under i dont want some demon sucking on my toes

13) What is your natural response upon hearing a loud crash in your house?
ignore/see what it was

14) Have you ever played any horror games? (The Midnight Man, One Man Tag, Three Kings, Kokkuri-San)
yesss i used to play them all the time whem
i was younger 

15) Top 5 scariest noises to hear when you're alone?
creepy whispers, laughing, screaming, crying, a music box

16) Pick a horror movie and explain how you would survive.
jennifers body. and i would survive by fucking her and letting her eat boys

17) Do you have pre-planned hiding places in your house for scary situations?
no???? should i??

18) Have your experienced any paranormal happenings?
yeah but it was probably just psychosis <3

19) Do you believe in ghosts?
no but i wish they were real

20) Are there any spots in your house you are to afraid to be?

21) Any recommendations for horror films?
jennifers body <3

22) Do you prefer gore or thrillers?

23) What did your parents tell you about monsters when you were young?
idk i didnt have parents growing up

24) Are you a fan of jump scares?
only if its a good one

25) What is your go to for horror entertainment?
whatevers on netflix 

26) Do you believe aliens or other life forms exist?
i hope they do

27) Have you read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? If so what was your favorite or what was the scariest story?
yes but i dont remember any

28) Have you ever been near a murder scene?
i dont think so

29) Would you ever spend the night in an abandoned building?

30) Are you superstitious?

31) Have you ever had a fortune told to you that came true?
i dont think so

32) Do you sleep with your window open?
no im not crazy

33) Have you ever trespassed onto private property late at night?
so many times

34) Would you ever stay overnight in a place that is said to be haunted?
i would love to

35) Do you ever have dreams/nightmares that end up occurring in real life?
only when i was a kid

36) Have you ever worked in a haunted house? If not have you wanted to?
not but i want to

37) Have you ever seen something super spooky and unexplainable?
yeah but it was just psychosis <3 #crazygirltingz

38) Scariest horror game you've played?
minecraft hardcore mode

39) What do you do for Halloween?
hang out alone at home

40) What were you on Halloween?

41) Ghosts or Ghouls?

42) Do you have any phobias?

43) While on the subject of phobias, do you have any things you want people to tag for safety?

44) Have you ever used a Ouija Board? If so did anything happen during your experience?
yes nd i dont think they really work cause im usually the one moving the planchette 

45) Favorite horror movie antagonist?
jennifer check my beloved 

46) Favorite horror musical?
i have no idea

47) Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice?
i want a fuckin katana 

48) Have you ever read Goosebumps? 
i dont think so

49) What would be your back story if you were the killer in a horror movie? Why are you killing people?
sexy and revenge purposes 

50) Have you ever gone ghost hunting? 

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