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i've found the most 2000s ui you can still use with modern stuff

it's called the trinity desktop! started as a fork / continuation of kde 3.5 (when kde 4 came around), it is probably the most 2000s desktop ever. i'm actually sometimes running it as my daily driver / backup  (i actually use kde, so i'm somewhat familiar)

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that looks awesome, too bad i dont have linux

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or kde or anything, lel

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Robotic Gunner

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I have a mighty need

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make yourself a live iso with q4os [1] , since they offer one
i don't know if you should install q4os - do make a dualboot but trinity is available for a lot of distros anyway [2]


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TDE, XFCE and MATE are encapsulating the nostalgic feeling of traditional desktop.
Now I want to tinker around TDE, thanks xd

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well jusr make sure to avoid the tde network manager because i think it uses their own code - use networkmanager applet
and the wallet broke me - again, i ended using gnome-keyring

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*broke for me

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Thanks for the tips ^.^

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well it seems tde actually has a networkmanager frontend!

also those stuff applied to arch linux and the trinity's own arch repos

here's my desktop! (spacehey doesn't allow embeds i think

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I see Amarok 👀
But common, you must show your desktop like on unixporn, wallpaper, 4 terminals and funny website xD

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unixporn :ded:
i actually like usabilityporn better, unixporn is the same i3 / kde with blur sweet theme and ganyu wallpaer or something XD

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