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spacehey is good for me (personal blog)

disclaimer: i've never got to experience myspace sadly (was a bit too young)

spacehey is the first social media i've experimented that doesn't make me feel sick

i've tried to give every other social media a shot
and i've tried them all but all of them made me feel sick

something i saw with all of the modern social "media" is the fake (or real) money involved. what i mean by this is the counters everywhere. views, shares, likes, hearts, karma, retweets, reblogs, comments… the list can go on and on. every single social media i've seen has this. it's (kinda) like fake money: every interaction you choose to have (or in some cases, you just straight up have, like seeing a youtube video) gives somebody those fake money, and just like real capitalism, the more money you have gets you more stuff: like play buttons, account options, more fake money or even real money. it's capitalism but online! fun for the whole family!
however, this comes right up against who i am as a person.
i always did stuff as a passion project, because i saw them as a cool idea. i've got so many ideas and maybe some of them can make me rich, but who wants that? i sure don't. for me it's not about the money, it's about the people. and i think we forgot this with modern social media. i consider it's no longer about "social", since everyone just races for the same concept of money they race in their daily lives. at this point, is it "social" media or is it a weird mutated second life marketplace?
sure it can be argued that spacehey has kudos and comments but those feel far more personal and less fake money-ish… kudos actually means acclaims or praise (and you can think of them as just thanks), they feel far more personal than just the mutated fake money all the other platforms have

another thing modern social media has is algorithms and ads and other murky capitalistic stuff. spacehey has none, it just gives you your space (myspace hehe) and allows you to browse other's people spaces and make out some friends based on how they are not just on how they depict themselves online or appearances - based on their likes and tastes in music, books, games, fashion etc etc. this is (imo) a much better method of making friends than the modern social media sites like facebook / instagram / youtube. and it worked for me! i've met a handful of nice people here!
i sorta was ok the concept of micro-blogging websites but… twitter is twitter, tumblr has is own culture kinda hard to crack into, mastodon and the gang isn't that widely used, crabber is on a indefinite hiatus now
and reddit… if you carefully curate it it's okay, but take one step out of your curated place and a shitshow ensures. plus reddit has the downwote button, which can make stuff even more toxic for some reason (look up brigading)
as for 4chan… no. just no. 4chan is the most toxic cesspool ever and while it can provide some good info (/g/ is notorious for some largely good guides), actively using 4chan… again, no
and on steam the hardcore elitist "gamers" made me feel bad there too lol (made fun of me playing with bots)

anyway, those are just my thoughts, they make sense for me

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Big agree - SpaceHey is definitely one of the best social sites around nowadays, if not the best.

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exactly dude!!! social media nowadays is infected by corporations and ads ...

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I’m honestly here for the aesthetic, ever since I stumbled upon VidLii I’ve found 90s websites to actually look really appealing. Also, 4chan was actually pretty good in the 2000s because it was a funny anime imageboard instead of politics shit. if you’re an anime fan you woulda loved it.

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2000s uis were just.. chef's kiss
also yeah 4chan back in the '00s was way better

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i would probably consider steam social media as it has stuff like the activity tab and discussions for games

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You make some good points there. Yeah, SpaceHey just feels good. I could quibble that Mastodon has a lot more users. (Also it's more resilient.) But when it comes to getting off the hamster wheel, this place does the trick.

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good point, after all, the last time i cruised around mastodon was a couple years ago

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